Cloud Solutions

Transform your operations with increased reliability, mobility, improved security and streamlined systems

Migrating to the cloud can help your business improve productivity, while saving both money and time

Whether you're looking to migrate your on-premise mail server to Office 365, move your line of business application to the cloud, needing highly available and scalable infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions, or you're just curious and simply want to find out what the options and benefits of moving your business critical applications to the cloud are, Velocity IT has you covered.

Our team of experienced cloud migration specialists in Dallas, TX will handle your cloud migration project from start to finish. Once your cloud migration project is complete, we will monitor it that infrastructure 24x7x365 using state of the art monitoring tools that utilize notification alerts that will allows us to detect potential problems and allow us remediate them quickly, ensuring application availability. We specialize in the management of the industry’s most popular cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Velocity IT provides full-service cloud migration services that address your organizations business challenges. Our time proven process from planning to operational support allows your organization to focus on its core business and have confidence in your technology.

Transitioning to the cloud eliminates the need for costly hardware.

Our cloud services will revolutionize your business with:

  • Cloud Security – multilayered security features like firewalls, email protection, and 24/7 monitoring ensure your data is never compromised
  • Cloud Backups – real-time local backups and geographically redundant off-site backups guarantee your data and infrastructure are always available
  • Cost-Effectiveness – enjoy improved IT performance while eliminating unnecessary costs
  • Scalability – easily expand or reduce your computing resources to meet demand
  • Increased Productivity – work from anywhere with the latest cloud versions of all Office 365 productivity apps