Wi-Fi Engineering & Installation

Expertly configured, installed, and managed wireless networks

We’ll make sure you always enjoy a consistent, uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience

Having an expertly designed and installed Wi-Fi network is critical to your operations and growth. Otherwise, your network can be hacked, productivity suffers from poor connectivity, bandwidth, and scalability, and network management becomes inefficient due to lack of visibility.

But Velocity IT has you covered. We’ll assess your needs, goals, and space to design and install the wireless network that helps you execute your business plan more efficiently. Using best-in-class hardware, infrastructure wiring, and cloud-hosted networks, we’ll customize the optimal solution and quickly install it so you can immediately enjoy improved network performance and connectivity, regardless of size or location.

Clients stay with us because they always have the connectivity, security, visibility, and bandwidth they need

Our Wi-Fi engineering & installation help you grow with:

  • Ongoing support – we’ll always be there to ensure your Wi-Fi network helps you grow sustainably
  • Reporting & analytics – get greater visibility into your network for optimized management and administration
  • Strategic roadmaps – we’ll optimize access point placement and fully examine all building and environmental factors to ensure a smooth experience from day one
  • Optimized security – expertly configured firewalls and strict user access controls keep your network safe