What It Takes To Be One of The Best in Dallas

Dallas boasts several highly-regarded IT companies known for their exceptional performance and longevity.
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How Great Dallas IT Companies Think Differently

Key Points:

  • High-performing and sustainable IT companies believe they are more than money-making machines; they're vehicles for advancing societal and corporate goals and not just delivering IT services.
  • The best provider captures how great companies think their way to success and believe their business is an intrinsic part of the corporate world.
  • While they work to make money like any other great company, they think about building enduring tech solutions for businesses.
  • Most of Dallas' best IT companies hold an institutional logic that they're more than instruments for generating money but vehicles to accomplish a corporate purpose.
  • You measure the values of these IT providers in terms of short-term paychecks or profits and how they develop solutions that allow businesses to flourish over time.

Dallas has a few widely admired, high-performing, and enduring IT companies. Currently, the list includes Velocity IT — a company that has seen a meteoric rise over the past decade — in terms of market caps and presence across several sectors, such as:

The company has been serving businesses in Dallas for over ten years, building a reputation for delivering reliable, efficient, and secure IT services.

We delve into what it takes to become one of the best in Dallas and how much time it takes for the company to become the leading IT services provider in Dallas.

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Developing The Offering

Unlike most IT providers that deliver what's popular, Velocity IT developed its offering based on its strength, existing clientele, and location. The MSP developed the offering, considering the value of their services to businesses in Dallas.

Businesses in Dallas leveraged Velocity IT's unique value proposition to help them curve a competitive advantage in their industry. When starting, Velocity IT thrived by specializing in four major offerings, including:

Focusing on these four areas allowed the company to understand Dallas businesses and their pain points. With this knowledge, the company better served Dallas and Fort Worth businesses while boosting customer satisfaction.

The satisfied customer brought in more referrals, which appealed to other regional companies. Consequently, Velocity IT had to expand and offer other tech services to nearly all businesses across all industries.

Deployment of Efficient Technology

All MSPs use software to manage clients' endpoints. The ultimate success of your partnership with an MSP depends on how efficiently the provider can deliver services.

To offer uncompromised services, Velocity IT uses the industry's best software to deliver limitless functionalities. With the right software, the company can continuously and systematically eliminate sources of unpredictability that might result in downtime.

In addition, the IT company can easily onboard and support new clients and extend new services to existing customers.

Excellent Pricing Strategy

Pricing is a critical factor that makes or breaks the relationship between MSPs and businesses. Velocity IT offers different pricing strategies to organizations depending on the type of services a business demands. The strategies include:

  • Per-device pricing: With this model, businesses pay a fixed monthly price for each product or system the MSP delivers. The pricing model is ideal when your business is looking for physical devices such as firewalls, switches, WiFi access points, or other network-connecting items.
  • Per-user pricing: Most IT services depend on the number of users instead of the number of devices or specific features in the service.
  • Tiered pricing: Organizations can pay for a bundle or different packages of services.
  • A la carte pricing: With this model, the MSP tailors and optimizes a service package to meet the needs of each customer. The best advantage is that your business gets a lot of flexibility.

Regardless of the IT service or product you're looking for, Velocity's IT pricing strategy will help you understand what you're paying for and prevent costly misunderstandings.

Strong Business Relationships

While many vendors view customer acquisition as the cornerstone of their growth strategy, Velocity IT often finds great importance in customer retention because it's significantly practical.

The vendor understands that while marketing their service to new customers may not always guarantee long-term results, they believe that building stronger relationships with the existing Dallas businesses contributes to their company's stability and growth.

Retaining clients in a competitive market is not an easy task, but Velocity IT manages it with two critical strategies:

1. Regular and Transparent Communication

One way to keep clients is to understand their needs in detail and devise the right solutions to help them. Velocity IT does a great job focusing on Dallas businesses' long and short-term needs by regularly soliciting feedback.

The feedback clients offer sheds insight into what the client appreciates about the MSP's services, allowing it to replicate the success with other clients and create more long-term relationships.

2. Delivering Best-in-Class Tech Solutions

Businesses can only retain a business relationship with an IT company that offers superior tech solutions to its competitor. With over 10 years of experience in corporate technology, Velocity IT uses its expertise to deliver unique tech solutions to different organizations.

Deployment of Tech Solutions Larger than Transaction to Provide Purpose

No question. Globalization detaches organizations from a specific society. However, you must internalize the needs of the community you serve most to deliver better solutions.

Velocity IT has established clear institutional values that can resolve most tech needs for businesses around Dallas. The provider helps regional companies identify tech solutions larger than a transaction to help them improve their services.

Being One Of The Best IT Company In Dallas Means Long-Term Focus

Thinking of tech solutions as a vehicle for advancing societal and corporate goals allows Velocity IT to deliver the IT solutions that organizations in Dallas require to achieve corporate purposes and goals.

The company's values guide matters central to its company's identity and reputation, such as the:

  • Customer they serve
  • Product and service quality
  • By-product of their product and service

The IT provider has built relationships with Dallas regulatory bodies, businesses, and popular tech companies to ensure that their solutions are aligned even with the rapidly changing tech landscape.

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