IT Services For Dentists and Dental Practices In Dallas / Fort Worth

Velocity IT provides IT services and IT support for dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and other dental professionals in Dallas & Fort Worth.
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IT Services For Dentists and Dental Practices In Dallas / Fort Worth

Whether you are opening a new practice or have an existing practice in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, IT services are vital. No matter the size of your dental practice, IT support can do more than update your software or fix an issue with your hardware. As the digital world grows, it brings new regulations, dangers, and challenges. IT services for dentists and dental practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area enable you to focus your efforts on your patients and their care rather than spending your valuable time dealing with computer issues.

IT Services Dentists Dallas and Fort Worth

The Shift Towards High Technology Dependence For Dental Practices

Dental practice software has dramatically improved the daily operations of dental offices. Advanced computer software makes it easier for your office staff to communicate with each other and with your valued client base. But today's dental practices need software that does more than improve communication and provide online appointment scheduling.

Dental patients want the assurance that their personal information and medical records are safe and accessible. With cyber-attacks becoming more frequent and often targeting small to mid-sized businesses, the security of your network is vital, not only to protect your patient's data but also to keep your office in compliance and avoid hefty fees and penalties.

Companies that fix computer issues when they break down don't always understand the unique IT requirements necessary to support dental practices. At Velocity IT, we offer custom IT support for dental offices that keep your network secure, up-to-date, and functioning smoothly. When you partner with us, our team of IT experts examines your current network and equipment to identify any existing issues and prevent future problems from interfering with your business operations.

What is IT Support for Dental Offices?

IT support for dentists, and dental offices are much different from that required for most other industries. Dental technology is more subtle and sophisticated than the technology used in most industries. Monitoring and maintaining your network is critical to ensuring that your data is secure and your office remains compliant. In addition, your technology has to provide modern, user-friendly ways for your staff to communicate with your patients and integrate with your other technology, such as imaging software.

At Velocity IT, our support team for dental offices gives you the advantage of our established relationships with the leading software and hardware solutions providers. We have intimate knowledge of the dental industry and stay abreast of medical and dental technology trends and advances. Our team is familiar with dental office technology, including communications, billing, imaging, and diagnostics, and thoroughly understands dental operations and their technology. Additionally, our team will work with your staff to explain challenging technical information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Keeping Your Practice Compliant

A dental office requires more than most businesses' primary data storage configuration. HIPAA and PCI regulations require that all patient data be secure, but figuring out what technology options are compliant can be challenging. At Velocity IT, we are experienced with HIPPA and compliance regulations, stay updated on current guidelines and can help you choose the best solutions for your office.

Our team of professionals is familiar with the technology components your office needs and can assist in ensuring that your dental practice's data is HIPAA and PCI-compliant. However, compliance isn't the only reason your practice will benefit from our professional IT services. When you partner with Velocity IT for your IT services, you have the best cybersecurity experts available.

Small and mid-sized businesses, including dental practices, are increasingly victimized by ransomware attacks that can paralyze their entire organization. Without the proper preventative measures, your data and patient data are at risk.

Our IT experts will provide your office with the technology and knowledge you need to keep your data safe and retrievable. Data backup is an integral component of our IT services for dentists and dental practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In addition, we will work with you to create a disaster recovery plan that meets the unique needs of your dental office. These services ensure that you are prepared for a worst-case scenario, and you have the comfort of knowing that our IT experts will help you restore your system and get you back in business as quickly as possible.

How IT Services Benefit Dallas-Fort Worth Dental Practices

IT support is vital for keeping pace with technology and improving patient care. When you partner with our team of expert IT professionals, your office is better able to work with a well-informed, technologically savvy client base. In addition, your clients will know that you take their security seriously.

Professional IT services remove the burden of dealing with IT issues from your staff and allow them to focus on what they do best; taking care of your patients. When you partner with Velocity IT for your dental IT support, you can leverage your existing technology and ensure that it is performing correctly and you are using it to maximum efficiency. Velocity IT services for dentists and dental practices provide several benefits, including:

  • Proactive IT maintenance
  • Answers to employee IT questions
  • High-level IT advice
  • A team of IT experts dedicated to your business' success
  • Predictable IT support expenses tailored to fit your budget
  • Advanced cybersecurity measures that ensure your network and data security
  • HIPAA compliance Expertise that keeps your dental practice on target

IT Services For Dentists and Dental Practices From Velocity IT

At Velocity IT, we understand the unique IT challenges dentists, and dental practices face in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our team of experts is familiar with and knowledgeable about IT challenges in the dental industry and is committed to providing you with the professional IT services your office needs.

We can provide on-site and remote support and remove the aggravation of managing your computer system. In addition, our team of professionals is there to assist when things go wrong, enabling you to focus on providing the best possible care to your patients. Contact us today to learn more about Velocity IT's services for dentists and dental practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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