IT Services Architects & Engineers Dallas & Fort Worth

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IT Services Architects & Engineers Dallas & Fort Worth

Technology is an essential tool for architects and engineers. Architects and engineers rely on technology every day to create quality designs, collaborate with team members, and communicate with clients. IT services and support are vital for architecture and engineering firms to allow them to effectively communicate with clients and partners on sensitive data, utilize virtual modeling or reality features, and work remotely.

Velocity IT provides architects and engineers in Dallas and Fort Worth with managed IT services that meet the demands and requirements of their firm. Our IT consultants have years of experience serving clients in the architecture and engineering industries. As a result, we can effectively manage all of your technology, integrate your systems, and ensure that they run smoothly at all hours of the day.

IT Services Architects & Engineers Dallas & Fort Worth

Architecture and Engineering IT Solutions

At Velocity IT, our experts create reliable and scalable IT strategies for architects and engineers. Our team designs custom solutions that provide your firm with storage for large file sizes and software combined with a fast internal network.

As a part of our customized strategy and managed IT services, our IT experts monitor your network 24/7. Our team proactively manages your security and system performance. We also provide you with expert advice concerning recommendations and solutions to upgrade your infrastructure and ensure your data is available anytime and anywhere. Our expertise in the architectural and engineering industries also enables us to recommend the best software platforms and tools to run the applications your firm needs to set itself apart from the competition.

Benefits of Partnering With the Right IT Support Team

Poorly aligned IT can end up costing you downtime and lost revenue. The superstars in your firm rely heavily on technology for their software programs to work. When it's working, technology is convenient and helps to increase their efficiency. Unfortunately, when it doesn't work, even simple tasks can become challenging.

Outdated systems can leave your team frustrated from dealing with slow or frozen applications. Slow apps cost you and your team valuable time and have a negative impact on team morale. Additionally, you didn't hire the best talent in the industry to spend their valuable time trying to get your computers back online.

If you are tired of struggling with the challenge of managing your IT, we can help. At Velocity IT, we take the hassle out of managing your IT. Our team of IT experts can protect your company against cybercrime, keep your software updated, and integrate and support all of your firm's computing systems. In addition, we create customized solutions for your firm that removes the burden of handling IT from your team.

Why Do Architects and Engineers Choose Velocity IT Services?

At Velocity IT, we deliver technology solutions and services that enable architects and engineers to build and design a solid network infrastructure that meets their unique needs. We help you take advantage of your current technology and software and provide you with the support to ensure that it functions at the optimal level.

Advanced Protection

Design files can hold large amounts of data, and they are invaluable to your organization. Our team will help you determine the most cost-effective and efficient method of storing and protecting your data.

Since 2010, Velocity IT has been the premier IT services provider to architects and engineers in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Our team has the experience and skill to implement advanced cyber security solutions that protect you against hackers and cyber attacks that can lead to lost or stolen data and information. If you are looking for quality, responsive IT services, we can provide the technology, support, and advisory services that you need to succeed.

Industry-Specific Software

We provide architects and engineers with robust on-site and hosted hardware solutions. We have experience with the most common software programs used in the architectural and engineering fields, including:

  • Revit
  • AutoCAD
  • DraftSight
  • SolidWorks

We can help you and your staff understands the software with the training they need to keep your business running smoothly. Our team is committed to ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits from your IT investment.

Network Infrastructure

The way your network works is vital to the daily function of your office. If you have significant amounts of data that need to be transferred, moved, or easily accessed, we can help you do that in the most efficient manner possible. Our network infrastructure services include database structure, storage, and security.

Remote Work Solutions

While once a rarity, today's work environment is rapidly evolving to include remote technology and hybrid workplaces. With Velocity IT on your team, you'll have the cloud services and mobile device support you need to enable your architects and engineers to access emails, documents and plans remotely on any device from any location with an internet connection.

Our team of experts will make your technology issues disappear. We offer our clients relief from:

  • Continuous updates, upgrades, and patches
  • Overworked internal IT staff
  •  IT security concerns
  • Fluctuating costs of repairing IT issues
  • Untapped IT potential to increase productivity and profit
  • Untrained staff that is uncertain about your computer network
  • Proactive solutions to prevent IT problems
  • Clear communication between our team and yours without the technical jargon

I initially began using Velocity for my business telephone, but was so happy with the services and pricing that I now also use them for my e-mail. The customer service and support from Velocity IT are unparalleled. Any time I have an IT issue, Kenny and his team hop right on it and have it resolved very quickly. Deciding to use Velocity for my IT needs was one of the best decisions I've made for my small business - I actually don't know what I would do without them!

Melissa Celeste

IT Services Architects & Engineers Dallas & Fort Worth

Our specialized knowledge of the architectural and engineering industries makes our team uniquely qualified to help you with your vast data storage and performance needs. We will help you leverage the latest technology and ensure that your team has the tools to handle the task at hand. When you partner with our team of IT experts, you can be assured that you have the IT capabilities you need to scale your business and reach the next level of success without going over your budget.

At Velocity IT, we work with you and your team to custom tailor an IT plan that fits the needs of your firm. We understand that you're in the design industry, and we can customize an IT plan that focuses on increasing efficiency and eliminating IT downtime. Contact us today and schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about the IT services we offer architects and engineers in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

Kenny Riley

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