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Cloud Desktop Services In Dallas

Cloud desktops aren't a new technology. They've been around for about twenty years. In the early days, companies had a large investment of infrastructure. The technology has changed, and it's no longer a large investment. But the benefits are outstanding.

With COVID-19, many companies moved to a work from home environment. Cloud desktops became an excellent way to facilitate productivity for staff members working from remote locations. With cloud desktops or hosted desktop solutions, staff members could log in to their desktop environment from home. This meant that they would have access to all the software and files that they would have in the office.

The pandemic sped up the process of moving many companies to a remote work or hybrid solution. But it's not going away any time soon. Most experts agree that this change will be permanent. Enterprises are able to cut overhead by eliminating the need for a real world office entirely or downsize to smaller offices for essential staff while offering remote work options for others. Your company may adopt a hybrid solution or have people largely come back to the office. The option to allow them to work remotely when the need arises will still be beneficial for most of us.

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The History of Remote Desktops

Going back to the early 2000s and late 1990s, we had Microsoft Terminal Servers and Citrix Servers. These were fantastic inventions that large organizations and companies with robust IT departments could employ. The use of these servers allowed employees to work from home or work remotely. They needed a password and login information in order to access the system. In the early days, they may have a finite number of people who could access the remote desktop environment at the same time.

It offered an excellent way for employees to access needed files and complete work, no matter where they were located. Today, we are so connected we often forget how revolutionary this was. But these were great advantages. It allowed employees to work remotely when they needed to, rather than coming back into the office. It also allowed companies to create remote field offices. Imagine if you had a large scale firm but wanted a satellite office on a job site or in another location with limited staff. A terminal or Citrix server allowed organizations to accommodate.

The downside of this technology was that it wasn't affordable or accessible for everyone. Large corporations could pay for these terminals and maintain them. However, they were costly. The infrastructure itself was expensive and corporations needed to hire or have an IT department equipped to deal with this high level technology.

All of that has changed today. With cloud desktop services, you're no longer looking at a high price tag or the need for internal IT staff with extensive knowledge to launch and maintain your remote desktops.

The Benefits of Cloud Desktop Technologies

There are many benefits associated with using a cloud desktop. They're available to virtually any size company that can use the technology. You no longer need expensive servers and the technology is not nearly as complex for the people who use it. These cloud desktop services are user-friendly and scalable. So you can add or detract from your services as your team needs.

Here are some of the main benefits to using cloud desktop services in Dallas:

  • Work from anywhere at any time. This is probably the main benefit for companies using cloud desktop services. Today's employees value a good work/life balance. The need for remote work solutions was made more clear during the pandemic, but it's something that was become more common regardless. For companies, this means that employees no longer need to come into a brick and mortar office. You can save on overhead by downsizing or eliminating locations completely. All without sacrificing the amazing talent that you have on staff. Employees also thrive in an environment that lets them work in a way that meets their personal schedule and needs. Work is more productive and efficient.
  • The work is safe and secure. The biggest thing that a cloud desktop offers for companies is security. The cloud hosting environment handles all of your cybersecurity needs to keep data protected and adhere to all the regulatory compliance mandates your company needs to follow.
  • Your cloud desktop solution is budget-friendly. Here's a big advantage that many companies don't realize until they research. This technology is not new, but it's still impressive. The fact that it's been perfected since its inception means that your company can access this technology without breaking the bank. There's no expensive equipment and your service is easily configured for productivity right when you begin.

Those are three of the top benefits, but there are many others. A cloud desktop offers a flexible and scalable solution for any size company, especially a company that's currently growing. It also offers a quality environment for collaboration, which is exceptionally important when you have employees at different locations. You can reduce costs based on overhead and improve your cybersecurity measures. For any company with employees in more than one location, a cloud desktop environment can keep your team productive and efficient.

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Are you interested in learning more about cloud desktop services in Dallas? At Velocity IT, we're happy to help. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your company's needs and whether a cloud desktop solution is right for you.

At Velocity IT, our team has extensive experience in helping companies just like yours find new and innovative solutions to stay competitive. Cloud desktop capabilities can help your team collaborate without boundaries or the need to be in the same office environment. In today's remote work environment, it's a great solution for any size business.

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