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Velocity IT provides business office relocation services for organizations throughout Dallas. Call us now.
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Office Relocation Services In Dallas

We offer safe and reliable office relocation services for companies within the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

  • Are you worried about safe disassembly, moving, and reinstallation of your office’s IT equipment?
  • Does the idea of losing essential data and equipment concern you when planning an office move?
  • Do you need experts to carry out the reassembly of your delicate office technology and devices?

Planning and executing an office relocation is complicated and involves several steps. It can take you days — and that means extended downtime and possible loss of business. Even more, there is the possibility of damaging or losing essential gadgets and documents. You certainly don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to rebuild your systems after a move.

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Business Office Relocation Services
Business Office Relocation

Benefits of Our Office Relocation Services

Velocity IT takes pride in more than ten years of offering Managed IT Services to institutions, organizations, and enterprises in the Dallas area. If you plan to move offices, you can trust us with your technology and network relocation. Our team guarantees you a range of benefits, including;

  • Competitive office relocation pricing
  • Efficient planning and execution
  • Reduced downtime
  • Safe and secure transportation of workstations and servers
  • Expert reassembly of equipment
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Office Relocation Services By Velocity IT

We use expert personnel to take the stress off you and your employees. We have an ethical, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional team that will make each step of your relocation our personal responsibility. The following are our relocation processes:
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Complete Planning and Execution

Planning an office move remains one of the most hectic yet most vital steps of your business’s growth process. Quickly disassembling, moving and reassembling your IT equipment determines the success of your move. You don’t need to worry because we will do all that for you. Our mission, when it comes to proper planning, is to work with you to ensure that we understand your current setup and future needs. Our team of planners and project managers will:

  • Consider your goals and objectives
  • Make an inventory of all the equipment in your current office
  • Evaluate the new office and provide a setup design and possible layout
  • Provide hands-on support throughout the process
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Disassembly and Transportation

The process of uninstalling your gadgets and equipment could have unexpected costs if not properly planned. You could end up with misplaced or broken door alarms, CPUs, monitors, or digital security equipment. You can trust our team at VelocityIT to handle your data and files with the utmost care and security. What’s more, we will take care of the physical transportation irrespective of the number of items you want to relocate. Our disassembly and transportation team will:

  • Label all equipment appropriately
  • Organize and securely pack all office equipment
  • Decide on the right mode of transportation
  • Safely transport all the equipment to your new location
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The moving process is not complete if you can’t end up with a fully functional office. VelocityIT’s team of office relocation services experts will work with your in-house team to reinstall all your equipment and ensure that you have a functional office in your new location. Our aim during the reinstallation process is to reduce downtime and eliminate losses that may result from poor installation. Our team will:

  • Organize your new premises
  • Expertly reinstall every piece of equipment
  • Test your equipment to ensure that everything is functioning correctly
  • Provide you with end-to-end IT support

Velocity IT Guarantees Safe and Secure Office Relocation Services

Why should you choose VelocityIT as your office relocation partner? We stand out when it comes to professionalism and accountability. Our team of experts will handle the aspects of planning, uninstallation, transportation, and reinstallation. Our mission is to help you through the entire process and only leave the site once your system is up and learning. Do not go through the hassle of having your already overstretched IT department carry out your office relocation. Contact us today for a quote.
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