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Cisco Support in Dallas

Cisco has been a giant networking domain serving its users with quality services and devices since 1984. Its credibility and consistent innovation has escalated trust among its clients and made it one of the best companies to provide networking solutions.

In the past, Cisco updates used to come annually or after every six months. Now, it's usually very frequent with updates at least once per month. Clients require Cisco Support to keep them and their OS updated with the latest versions and upgrades. You require an accessible solution for Cisco Support in Dallas. Fortunately, Velocity IT  is here for you.

Benefits of Using Cisco Security

For almost four decades now, Cisco has been delivering software-defined networking and security solutions among other services to its clients. It has transformed and empowered businesses with their practical and working technology innovations. Here are some benefits of using Cisco security:

  • Among all the networking-providing companies, Cisco is the only one building an integrated security portfolio. They incorporate their security across the network, internet, email, cloud, and endpoints. This enables their portfolios to work together in a faster, safer, and more efficient way. Once Cisco sees a threat at one end, it protects the entire system against it, ensuring that the threat doesn't get to your network at any chance.
  • Cisco has the shortest time-to-detection when compared to all its competitors. Today, digital enterprises' success depends on security effectiveness. Time-to-detection is the window between the time a file arrives in a system and the detection of that file as a threat. The longer a threat stays in your system undetected, the more harm it can cause you. Some breach detection systems will take up to 100 days to detect a threat, while Cisco detects them in less than 9 hours.
  • Cisco has a secure firewall product that can integrate with other security offerings. The Cisco Secure Firewall provides advanced malware protection that includes distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation and sandboxing environments. It also provides Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System to secure cloud environments using an internal network segmentation technique. This firewall is suitable for all businesses as it is scalable to suit the size of your organization.

Why You Need Cisco Support in Dallas

Although each networking or system issue might require equal attention to avoid downtime, for security-related issues and support, the attention required may be more immediate. This may be to protect any data loss or breach which may cause a lot of harm to a business. Having Cisco support in Dallas assures you of quick response to calls and easy access to Cisco experts whenever you need them.

Human errors are very common in systems. Unfortunately, most warranties don't address them and only cover things under Cisco's control and product defects. There are some unpredictable moments, such as proactive diagnostic help or quick security updates, that would require Cisco experts' attention instantly. That's where Cisco Support in Dallas comes in and helps you solve the issue.

Common Challenges That Cisco Support in Dallas Addresses

Here are some of the most common security issues to be  vigilant about:

1). Phishing

Phishing reads sensitive information from your systems, such as passwords and credit card numbers. The attacks will come as emails or messages that appear legitimate but are not. Once you click on them, they might prompt you to enter your personal details and send data to the malicious sources. Using Cisco security would identify these URLs and alert you or consulting with Cisco Support in Dallas would immediately recognize them and instruct you appropriately.

2). Malware and Ransomware

Malware is malicious software used by hackers to steal your data, hold your system, or install programs in your system without your consent. Ransomware is malware where hackers can lock your devices through phishing emails or a bad app and request a ransom to restore your normal operation. They might hinder you from using your devices completely or just restrict running some applications and encrypting your files. In such a situation, Cisco Support in Dallas is an ideal and trusted partner.

3). Denial of Service Attack

Denial of service (DoS) is an attack that hinders authorized application, system, or website users from accessing services. This attack shuts down the network or devices by overloading the system with traffic. The hacker might even launch their attack from different computers distributed globally, making the attack even harder to overcome.

4). Computer Viruses

These are pieces of malicious computer code with the ability to spread between computer devices. They are sent to you through e-mail attachments or directly downloaded from online sources. When installed into your system, they can send spam, disable security settings, delete your data or even steal it. Velocity IT Cisco Support in Dallas can equip you with expert advice to identify these viruses before you even download them to your systems. We can also identify those that could already be running in your system and get rid of them.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cisco Support in Dallas

There are several companies in Dallas offering Cisco support with unique operational abilities and advantages. Before choosing who to partner with, consider the following qualities:

1). Intelligence

With the number of sophisticated and AI-based cyber attacks increasing every year, consider choosing a support partner with modern security systems and technology to defend you. Traditional systems can no longer provide adequate defense against upcoming unknown threats.

2). Efficiency

This means that the support system you choose drives and grows with the current technological revolution. The support system should match the high-performance speed of your network to satisfy user demands.

3). Simplicity

Very complex networks and systems do not mean being an automatic asset to either big or small corporations. Having a unified management interface that efficiently runs your business with simple controls should be your aim.

4). User-friendliness

Any software support system should be designed with qualities to make daily job activities easier. Look for a Cisco support system that offers a streamlined workflow and is user-friendly. This will ensure your employees don't fall into more errors when trying to solve previous ones with your support service provider.

Velocity IT leads in offering Cisco Support in Dallas. We provide personalized IT support, business phone services, cybersecurity services, cloud services and managed IT services to all our clients. Contact us today to book a free consultation with our dedicated customer support.

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