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We Offer High-Quality Security & Access Control Mechanisms That Guarantee The Safety Of Your Business.

  • Do you worry about the adequacy of your existing security and access control systems?
  • Do you want to control the locational access of your employees or guests?
  • Are you concerned about possible data or information theft and breaches?

Cybercrime and property theft are on the rise, hence the need to provide advanced protection to premises and IT systems. Security and access control mechanisms provide an excellent solution to these threats. They involve a series of network information technology methods that ensure selective access to data or locations.

Velocity IT is a renowned IT support provider in the Dallas region offering sophisticated access control systems with advanced authentication and authorization components to restrict access to buildings, rooms, and sensitive data.

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I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided by Velocity IT. They fixed our technical issues quickly & they are also cost-effective. I recommend this company.
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How You Benefit by Choosing VelocityIT for Your Access Control Needs

We are an experienced IT support company licensed to provide various information technology and cybersecurity services to companies, institutions, and organizations in Dallas. We have a team of professionals at VelocityIT who will install the right security systems for your company. Our security and access control plan provides your company with the following benefits:

  • Keep track of your employees, particularly those working in shifts
  • Grant locational access to authorized personnel only
  • Secure sensitive files, documents, and data against malware
  • Keyless operation of doors
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Our Services

In line with universal ethical guidelines and professional standards, we provide your company with various services that guarantee the security of your business. We offer an end-to-end solution, providing a range of other IT support solutions. Our security and access control services include:
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Logical and Physical Access Control

While physical access control systems allow or restrict entry to physical locations such as buildings, logical access control limits access to servers, networks, databases, documents, and any other sensitive data. Your organization can opt for either of the categories or both.

  • Accurate authentication technology
  • Identify the right network
  • Guarantee the safety of your files and data
  • Ensure entry only to authorized individuals
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Installation of Access Control System

Velocity IT has the technical and professional know-how to help your company with a hands-on installation service. Our professionals will ensure that the installation process is conducted in a simple and environmentally friendly manner. And while such exercises will sometimes lead to data leakage or loss, we guarantee that your data, files, and essential information will remain safe throughout the process.

  • Security and access threat assessments and diagnoses
  • Expert and secure installation
  • Advanced security and access control systems
  • Development of a central control unit
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Customization, Automation, and Regular Maintenance

Since every business has a unique operation, at VelocityIT we ensure that we customize your security systems to suit your objectives. We customize and automate systems based on the type of control system that you choose. Mandatory Access Control, Discretionary Access Control, Role-Based Access Control, and Attribute-Based Access Control are popular options that you can opt for. Besides, we also provide regular maintenance to ensure that your systems are working right including:

  • Guaranteed data and network security
  • Relevant and user-friendly automated system
  • Centralized source of authority and communication
  • Scheduled maintenance and 24/7 technical support

Get the Right Security and Access Control Systems for Your Business with Velocity IT

Do you think it is time to take the security and access control for your organization to the next level? Call us at VelocityIT for more details. We are an all-around company that provides all types of security and access control systems to buildings and physical IT assets. And if you are thinking about the cost implications, then talk to us for a free quote and security rating. Contact us today!
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