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If you landed on this IT company page, you most likely did a Google search for Dallas IT company. You found Velocity IT, a top IT company taking care of small to midsize companies throughout the Dallas Metroplex.  Contact us today for a free IT services review and an in-person consultation.

A Dallas IT Company That Helps You Make the Most of Your IT Investment

  • Unresponsive or inadequate IT provider?
  • Costly downtime?
  • Excessive and unpredictable IT spending?

Is your business currently suffering due to any of the IT issues above, despite having an IT company to handle your business’s technology?

Since 2010, Velocity IT has been the premier IT Company in Dallas and Fort Worth, providing the technology, support, and advisory services that small- and mid-sized businesses need to succeed. Are you looking for quality, responsive service?

Call Velocity IT for a quote today and let us become your next Dallas IT company.

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Why Choose Us As Your Next IT Company in Dallas

We provide the following advantages to businesses to help them rapidly achieve their strategic objectives. We work hard to ensure our services are personal, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. Hundreds of clients continue to choose Velocity IT as their IT company of choice in Dallas because we provide them with:

  • A more reliable and secure computer network with 24/7/365 monitoring
  • A team of dedicated engineers who offer fast and friendly support
  • Forgetting your technology troubles and focusing on your business
  • An IT partner invested in your success as much as their own
  • Ensuring technology is an asset and never a burden
  • Saving money and time by minimizing downtime and technology problems
  • Increased productivity with capabilities to work remotely
  • Affordable business telephone and communication solutions
  • Proactive IT support that solves issues before they cause problems
  • A detailed road map that lays out the technology and expenses you will need to expand your business

Velocity IT is the premiere IT company for small to large organizations.

Let Us Become Your Next Dallas IT Company

Getting Great Service Should Be The Norm

If you find that your in-house IT team or current IT company or IT solutions provider is more reactive than proactive, causing you to spend more time on your technology instead of running your business, then you need to talk to us. We guarantee you:
A Technology Partner You Can Trust

An IT Company You Can Trust

Your growing business needs a trusted partner to provide your day-to-day IT support and give you the strategic guidance you need for your company’s technology’s overall direction. Our overriding goal is to optimize your technology to ensure maximum productivity by offering enterprise-class IT services at a price your growing business can afford. We allow you to focus on your core business and give you the best chance of achieving your objectives. We are different from your current Dallas IT company because:

  • We tailor our solutions to fit your company’s specific needs
  • We ensure that your business runs on reliable, dependable, and current technology
  • A skilled team from the top IT company in Dallas handles all your support requirements
A Provider Who Abides by a Code of Ethics

An IT Company Who Abides by a Code of Ethics

Led by our founder, Kenny Riley, we care deeply about operating within our code of ethics. From an early age, Kenny has had a passion for technology and, in 2010, founded Velocity IT to turn his passion into a profession that can help people. This passion trickles down to the rest of the team, and our people believe that they can provide value to shareholders and clients while also being a force for good within our community. We strive to take an extra step beyond simple compliance – our team innovates with integrity, using a deep knowledge of IT and how it impacts people to offer our clients reliable, sustainable, and responsible solutions. Our code rests on three pillars:

  • A deep and shared commitment to working within high ethical standards
  • The desire to have a positive impact
  • Our quest to earn the trust of everyone we work with
An extensive range of technology services

An IT Company offering an extensive range of technology services

Velocity IT offers small- and mid-sized businesses in Dallas a suite of all-inclusive and predictable managed IT services. Our managed services include proactive, ongoing support and 24/7/365 network monitoring to ensure maximum uptime. We provide full-service cloud migration solutions to address your organization’s unique business challenges. We have a time-proven process, from initial planning to operational support, to give you total confidence in the technology. We will evaluate your current operational environment, assess your security health, and help boost your security. Among the essential services we provide are:

Is Your Dallas IT Company Provider Slowing Your Business Down?

Our extensive industry experience in supporting small- and mid-sized businesses makes us uniquely qualified to offer the right solutions to solve your most critical and complex tech challenges. Whether you need to speed up your migration to the cloud, get the most value from your existing technology platforms, or secure your data from cybercriminals, talk to Velocity IT today for a free consultation and let us become your next Dallas IT company.

Discover Why We Should Be Your Next Dallas IT Company
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