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Searching for a great IT company that provides Backup & Disaster Recovery services in Dallas? Velocity IT offers all new clients 30 days of free service. Try us out first.
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Velocity IT Is an Ultimate Provider of Efficient Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

  • Are you worried about losing vital data to accidental deletion, sabotage, ransomware, fire, virus, or flood?
  • Is your current backup and recovery plan synonymous with inconveniencing downtimes?
  • Do you need a cost-effective plan that will protect you from data loss?

If any of the above situations touch on you and your company, you need to call Velocity IT. We are a reputable company that stands out as a provider of all-inclusive managed IT services to companies and organizations in Dallas. Apart from providing reliable backup and disaster recovery services, we provide various managed IT solutions to help your business stand up to the growing competition and digital transformations.

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Data Backup Services In Dallas
I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided by Velocity IT. They fixed our technical issues quickly & they are also cost-effective. I recommend this company.
Ronald Fletcher
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Kenny and Michelle are awesome to work with! Great communication and very responsive!
Aaron Asher

Why Should You Trust Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services?

We have been in the industry for more than 10 years, which is an indication that we are experienced and understand the backup needs of Dallas companies. Our experts utilize advanced backup systems to guarantee the safety of your files. Signing up for our backup and disaster recovery plan provides you with an opportunity to enjoy:

  • Minimal downtime
  • Reliable data protection system, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Instant recovery of lost data resulting from unanticipated events
  • Top-notch encryption to safeguard your data in flight and at rest
  • Protection of applications, physical systems, virtual systems, and OSs
  • Fully managed and unified on-site and off-site backup and recovery
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Dallas Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

At Velocity IT, we understand that data is essential in the day-to-day operations of your enterprise. For that reason, we provide the following services to guarantee data protection and secure recovery in case of any losses:
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Customized Data Protection Assessment Services

The first step to secure essential corporate information or data is establishing a customized data backup and protection system for every organization. Our experts will help you achieve that by evaluating and defining your archiving, backup, retention, and disaster recovery needs. We use this information to configure and implement a unique data protection program for your company. The benefits of this service include:

  • 24/7 U.S.-based customer support
  • Adherence and compliance to the relevant business and regulatory requirements
  • Assurance testing
  • Guaranteed business continuity
  • Replication of data to secure environments
  • On-site equipment and software installation
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Reliable Managed Backup Systems and Services

Our technical team can confirm to you that it is impossible to recover data or information from a damaged, stolen, or aged IT device without the right backup systems. We value the importance of business continuity through data backup. Thus, we encrypt your servers with a favorable backup window to ensure that the system replicates all information. We utilize the following to ensure data safety:

  • Local backup
  • Mirror backup
  • Remote or cloud backup
  • Hybrid backup
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Data Recovery Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, or simply BDR, ends with an efficient and reliable recovery system. Velocity IT guarantees data recovery after unavoidable circumstances such as equipment failure, equipment damage, or cyberattacks. Our experts will define a clear recovery time objective to warrant low downtime. Our recovery services involve:

  • Automated hybrid disaster recovery services
  • Quick and efficient restoration of data and information
  • Limitless data storage capability
  • Importation or exportation of large amounts of data

Velocity IT Stands Out in the Provision of Efficient Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Velocity IT is worth your time and money when it comes to providing reliable data recovery services for a myriad of reliable reasons. We offer unified end-to-end backup and disaster recovery solutions to corporations and institutions in Dallas. We aim to ensure that your data remains secure. We will install physical backup equipment and enable the replication of your data to a secure cloud system. Talk to one of our experts now.
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