Why You Need Cybersecurity Experts From Velocity IT

If you are looking for security professionals and executives currently working for non-security companies who can share unique insights for your expert series focused on cyberattacks, Velocity IT is here for you. 
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Why You Need Cybersecurity Experts From Velocity IT

Every year there are more and well-executed cyber attacks happening in the recent past. We expect these trends to rise with more frequent and complex attacks as the ultimate threat. This has led to an increased demand for cybersecurity experts in small and large organizations who want to protect their systems and networks against attacks.

If you are looking for security professionals and executives currently working for non-security companies who can share unique insights for your expert series focused on cyberattacks, Velocity IT is here for you.

We offer personalized cybersecurity services, among other solutions, to our clients, ensuring we always bring proven methodologies to your required service. In this article, we address the evolution of cyber attacks in the recent past and the measures to take to protect our organizations in the future.

How Cyber Attacks Evolved Over The Past 12 Months

Over the last one year, cyber attacks have grown significantly more than ever in history. In 2020, World Economic Forum, The Global Risks Report 2020, announced cyber attacks as the fifth top rated risk. In 2021, the world saw some of the most significant cases in history in JBS Foods, Colonial Pipeline, Brenntag, and Kaseya.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the largest contributor to the alarming cyber attacks because of the uncertainties brought by remote working. Many organizations, big and small, were new to remote working or not well versed in operating remotely. Hackers came up with new ways to exploit the popular software and the newly developed systems, which gave them outstanding success.

Cyber criminals are now approaching their malicious activities with a business-oriented mindset, investing their time and money on stealing or destroying your data. They have matured and sharpened their skills to generate large volumes of quality malware easily.

Lessons Learned From The Biggest Cyber Attacks in Recent History

The biggest lesson from the cyber attacks is that all companies and organizations, irrespective of their size, need to put practical security measures and practice IT governance. We have to be prepared at all times and come up with new and working security measures to match with the developing practices of cyber criminals. We should always view our organizations' confidential data and systems as a prime target and protect them with all of our energy.

Most companies and organizations don't take cyber attacks seriously until they're hit. Doctors don't fully follow the HIPAA, government contractors despite the mandate for years, still don't follow NIST-800-171 and the retail establishments don't follow the PCI, just to mention a few. Cyber attacks should get the seriousness they deserve from all organizations, as it is a serious threat that can easily bring an entire company down quickly.

What Will Cyber Attacks Look Like in the Future?

If the recent trend continues and we fail to put measures in place, cyber attacks will double their effect shortly. By 2025, cyber security will cost businesses, companies and organizations around $10.5 trillion annually.

Criminal investors will fund these cyber criminals to develop powerful systems, as the returns from the venture will be high. As the intelligence in cyber attacks grows to become harder and sophisticated to detect, concerned parties will also come up with matching security to deal with the attackers. Today we have seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) based cyber attacks.

What we expect in the recent future is a wave of attacks known as offensive AI that could even outsmart humans. The battle of algorithms has already started and now only the most prepared and the strong will survive. Some of the most trusted and largest global companies have also fallen victim to the new wave after undermining their abilities. We are expecting to see human-driven cyber attacks responses unable to keep up with offensive AI, and new sophisticated technology taking the lead.

For example, In January 2020, the FBI warned that deep fake technology was at a point where artificial personas created could pass biometric tests. They also warned of fake videos that would undermine national security, by mimicking public figures and appearing to be saying the exact words the video creators use. These technologies are out there and the attackers can use them.

3 Tips for Organizations Looking to Get Ahead of Future Cyber Attacks

Businesses aiming at getting ahead of cyber attacks and providing themselves with the required protection should already implement baseline security measures within their organization as early as now. There are many steps an organization or business may follow to secure themselves against cyber attacks, including encrypting and backing up all data, encouraging a security-centered culture and investing in a cyber security plan or insurance.

1). Encrypting and Backing Up All Data

For your strategy to be effective, it must comprise two elements: restricting unauthorized access to sensitive data and rendering data useless in case it falls in the wrong hands. Data encryption is the most efficient data breach fix, according to the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications. Always ensure to encrypt business data, employee information, customer information and all sensitive data that may be a threat when in the wrong hands.

2). Encouraging a Security Centered Culture

When you have many employees who don't recognize external threats, then they can be one of the greatest causes of data breach in your organization. Such breaches can also be common in businesses where staff use their personal mobile devices. Always ensure to give sufficient cyber security training to your staff to leave no loop whole for hackers.

3). Investing in a Cyber Security Plan or Insurance

As cyber criminals work every day to crack into your system and steal your data, even the most security conscious company is at risk of attack. Get your business cybersecurity insurance in case you fall victim and get IT support to keep your system updated and free from any weakness that may allow the enemy in.

Cybersecurity experts from non-security companies offer businesses with better, up-to-date and affordable cyber security services. Contact Velocity IT today if you need reliable and working cybersecurity solutions.

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