Leading Dallas Law Firm Recruits Velocity IT For Strategic & Secure IT Services

A leading Dallas law firm was looking for a reliable and strategic IT service provider to help them work more efficiently and keep data secure. It didn’t take long at all for them to realize that Velocity IT was the right strategic IT partner for them. 
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Leading Dallas Law Firm Recruits Velocity IT For Strategic & Secure IT Services

A leading Dallas law firm was looking for a reliable and strategic IT service provider to help them work more efficiently and keep data secure. It didn’t take long at all for them to realize that Velocity IT was the right strategic IT partner for them.

A Top Dallas Law Firm Needed Reliable IT Support - Here’s Why They Trusted Velocity IT

The Velocity IT team recently had the pleasure of being contacted by a leading Dallas law firm. This firm had recently decided that it was time to optimize its IT infrastructure in order to support more efficient operations and secure data storage and transmission. They were on the hunt for a reliable and forward-thinking IT provider in Dallas to help them get their IT systems up-to-date.

The great thing about this Dallas law firm was that they had decided to take a no-nonsense approach to find the right IT provider. They knew what they wanted from a strategic IT partner and they had a clear idea of how they wanted to enhance their operations with the right IT solutions. Most importantly, they had no hesitation about reaching out to a team of professionals to help them bring their vision to life.

Our team of IT professionals wanted to work with this Dallas law firm right away. Not only because we have extensive experience providing IT support for Dallas law firms, but also because we respected their proactivity and practical attitude. They didn’t want flashy promotions or overhyped solutions. They just wanted a provider who would help them work smarter and not harder by implementing and optimizing a strategic, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure.

We wasted no time at all to show this Dallas law firm that we were the straight-shooting IT partner they were looking for. We also put together this brief guide explaining what they were looking for and how we came on board to make it happen. Our hope is that other law firms looking for IT support in Dallas will read this and come to understand the value of working with an IT service provider who is committed to meeting them on their level.

What Kind of IT Service & Support Was This Dallas Law Firm Looking For?

When we got in contact with this Dallas law firm, they let us know a little bit more about themselves so we could really start imagining the ideal IT service arrangement to support them. They explained that they were a boutique law firm that worked entirely on the Cloud. They had no on-premise servers whatsoever and used a collection of third-party apps for data storage and document management.

Above all, they were hoping to find an IT provider that would essentially serve as their outsourced IT department. They were looking for a full-service approach and wanted an experienced and strategic IT provider in Dallas to help drive efficiency and growth for their firm.

Here’s the kind of IT service & support they were looking for:

  • Hardware set-up - First, they wanted our assistance choosing and setting up a small collection of company devices that would be fully equipped for secure Cloud operations. They wanted us to implement a streamlined set of company computers, tablets, and phones that would make it easier for their team to get work done.
  • Dynamic cybersecurity - Most importantly, perhaps, they wanted our assistance to up their cybersecurity game. Because they deal with a lot of sensitive client data, they wanted to make sure their Cloud infrastructure was fully-secured from end-to-end in a way that mitigated risk significantly.
  • Reliable technical support & troubleshooting - Next, they wanted to make sure that we would be there for them whenever and however they needed us. They really wanted us to serve as their outsourced IT department, providing round-the-clock help-desk support and even on-site visits as needed.
  • Long-term strategic partnership - Finally, they were looking for a partner that they could trust for the long-haul. They wanted a Dallas IT provider that was committed to helping them grow and stay competitive by keeping their IT infrastructure continually up-to-date.

Needless to say, they gave us a lot to work with right from the start. We immediately got to work to develop a reliable, strategic, and straightforward IT service and support plan that would help meet the needs of this local law firm.

How Velocity IT Designed & Implemented Reliable IT Services For This Dallas Law Firm

Our main goal was to keep the IT service and support plan simple but strategic. We had come to understand that this team of law professionals wasn’t interested in some over-the-top service arrangement. They just wanted reliable and consistent support from a strategic and experienced team of IT professionals.

However, even when keeping things simple and straight-forward, we believe in providing entirely customized IT service and support to every business we work with - especially law firms that experience a unique set of challenges when it comes to IT. So, we dedicated a lot of time to make sure every facet of our IT service and support agreement was designed specifically to support the unique needs of this firm.

Here’s the IT services, solutions, and support we provided for this Dallas law firm:

Initial Assessment & Hardware Implementation 

Before anything else, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of this law firm’s existing IT infrastructure. We looked for security vulnerabilities to be addressed and places where operations could be made more efficient with the right IT solutions. Once we were satisfied with the initial assessment, we worked to implement and set-up brand new hardware without causing any disruption to daily operations.

Multifaceted & Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity 

Once their hardware was in place and positioned for optimal use on the Cloud, we immediately got to work implementing strategic cybersecurity solutions to protect their entire IT infrastructure. We implemented multiple layers of security to control access points and keep sensitive client data encrypted and protected. We also worked to empower their team by providing straight-forward cybersecurity training.

IT Infrastructure Optimization 

Once their IT infrastructure was in place and fully-secured, we worked to optimize it from top-to-bottom. This involved eliminating redundancies, automating tedious processes, and streamlining the organization and accessibility of important firm resources.

24/7 Technical Support 

Once the implementation and optimization steps we’re complete, we assured this group of proactive law professionals that they could reach out to us for support whenever they needed it. We didn’t mean only during business hours either. We made sure they knew that we were always just a phone call away - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter the issue, we were committed to keeping their systems secure and functional every single day.

Long-Term Strategic Planning 

Finally, we explained that as their strategic IT partner, we would remain by their side for the long haul. We would continually help them to plan strategically when it came to IT and make sure their infrastructure remains consistently up-to-date. Our main goal as their long-term strategic IT planner was to ensure their IT resources helped them stay productive and competitive - no matter the business climate.

Is Your Dallas Law Firm Looking for IT Support? Velocity IT is a Click or Call Away!

Since partnering with this Dallas law firm, their daily operations are running more efficiently than ever before and since everything has been streamlined, they always know where to access the resources they need. They also now have peace of mind knowing that all their data is professionally monitored, encrypted, and secured.

Is your Dallas law firm looking for IT support? Velocity IT can help. Law professionals do not have to tackle IT alone and they don’t have to build an internal IT department from the ground up, either. By outsourcing your IT service and support to the team of experts at Velocity IT, you can take advantage of a professionally-managed IT infrastructure while remaining focused on your own billable hours. Looking for an IT service provider in Dallas? We’re on standby, ready to get started.

Give us a call anytime at (972) 996-6600, drop us a line at info@velocityit.net, or visit our website at velocityit.net to book an initial consultation about IT services for Dallas law firms.

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