Good Computer Tricks That Are Not Commonly Known

While you might have several years of experience using computers, there are surprisingly many ways you could sharpen your skills on the PC and enhance productivity.
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Not Commonly Known Computer Tricks

Even with the widespread adoption of mobile devices, many hardcore computer users still enjoy working on a good desktop or laptop computer to troll the web, write, keep up on social media channels, and execute a whole lot of tasks. And while you might have several years of experience using computers, there are surprisingly many ways you could sharpen your skills on the PC and enhance productivity. So, here are some good computer skills that are not commonly known:

Bring Back a Closed Tab

If you close a tab by mistake, you can bring it back by simply pressing Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen your most recently closed tab and resume what you were doing. You can press Cmd + Shift + T to bring back a closed tab if you're on Mac.

Multiple Monitor Control and Window Snapping

If you're using multiple monitors, pressing the Windows Key + Arrow Keys will trigger the window to snap to the side of either monitor. You can also hit Shift + Windows Key + Arrows to cause the window to jump to the next monitor. Additionally, you can press Windows + P to set up a projector or second display quickly.

However, macOS users can leverage Mission Control to manage virtual desktops, peak at the desktop, and switch between apps. Also, note that Mac doesn't support window snapping outright, so you may need an app to do that.

Undo Everywhere with a Simple Keyboard Shortcut

You can undo nearly any action in Windows operating system. For example, if you mistakenly delete a file, simply press Ctrl + Z to bring it right back to its original location. Besides, you can redo anything you undid by pressing Ctrl + Y.

Enable Night Mode on All Devices

Enabling night mode can come in handy if you usually work at night or like to read while lights are off. Whether you're on Mac or Windows, using F.lux can quickly turn on the night mode. However, both operating systems have built-in support for night mode.

Paste the Plain Text of Copied Content

When you copy text from a source, most programs will carry along any formatting from the original content. To paste anything you copied as plain text, just press Ctrl + Shift + V instead of Ctrl + V. This also works on Mac by pressing Cmd + Shift + V.

Move the Cursor to the Previous Word or Beginning of Text

Dragging the cursor around manually while typing can be tedious and time-consuming. To speed up things, use simple keyboard shortcuts to move your cursor around. By pressing Ctrl + Left Arrow, you can quickly move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word while Ctrl + Right Arrow moves it to the start of the next word. If you're on macOS, you can do the same using the Option key. Additionally, you can select words or paragraphs below or above the cursor by holding Shift + Ctrl + Down /Up Arrow, respectively.

Interrupt all Processes

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Delete is a common PC shortcut that almost all computer users are familiar with. This important combination interrupts all processes, including those that bog down your system. As a result, it can help you decide whether to close down those programs or simply restart your PC. In macOS, you can press Cmd + Shift + Esc to summon the Force Quit dialog box.

Launch Programs with Hotkeys

When you right-click the shortcut to any Windows application, you can select the properties, and in the shortcut tab, open the "shortcut key" field and type your preferred launch combo. Besides, clicking the "advanced" option in the shortcut tab enables you to run as an Administrator. This is particularly essential for creating shortcuts to elevated Command Prompts. To easily launch a program with launch keys, simply press Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 1 or whatever applies to the program.

Minimize all Windows

If you have a bunch of programs running on different tabs and you want to minimize everything to access the desktop, simply press Windows key + D, and it will all go away in a single snap. This saves valuable time since you won't have to press the minimize icon for each window. In macOS, use Mission Control to achieve the same.

Use Private Browsing

When browsing the internet, you may sometimes want to avoid cookies and history saved on your computer. For instance, you would want to hide your browsing data when shopping for gifts on a shared PC or accessing exclusive sites. In Chrome Browser, pressing Ctrl + Shift + N will launch a private browsing window, while Ctrl + Shift + P will accomplish the same in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Security Tips

If you're worried about friends or colleagues going into your social media pages and posting things, pressing Windows + L will safely lock your system right away. You'll need to input your password to log in again, of course, if you've set one.

If you're connected to a Wi-Fi router, you can see who is logged on at any given time. You can achieve that by logging into your router and checking for a list of all wireless clients connected to the network. The list should display the device name, its assigned IP address, as well as its MAC address. That way, you can easily strike off unrecognized devices and users to keep your network safe.

Wrapping Up

With these tips and tricks, you will undoubtedly make your time on the PC more enjoyable and practical. Hopefully, you've learned something you didn't know before. If you need any professional IT solution or support, Velocity IT provides managed IT services, telephone services, cabling, cybersecurity, cloud services, and a number of technology services.

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