Highland Park Animal Hospital In Dallas Has IT & Data Issues Magically Disappear

Highland Park Animal Hospital’s prior IT company set a shallow bar for service quality in the IT industry. They managed to be far more expensive than the competition and deliver a much lower quality of service.
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IT & Data Issues Magically Disappear With Velocity IT's Dallas IT Services

Key points:

  • Highland Park Animal Hospital’s previous IT company “nickel-and-dimed” them for every service
  • Highland Park Animal Hospital switched to Velocity IT for our transparent billing practices
  • Since the switch, Highland Park Animal Hospital has enjoyed fast and effective IT support

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Who Is Highland Park Animal Hospital?

Highland Park Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that provides both veterinary services and a boarding and grooming facility. They primarily care for dogs and cats and offer a vast range of services, including comprehensive in-house surgical procedures, ultrasound, dental, and more.

Highland Park Animal Hospital was founded in 1964 and has grown into an active and trusted source of care for beloved family pets. Today they are one of the few remaining private veterinary operations in Dallas, Texas.

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Their Previous IT Company Was Too Expensive & Too Incompetent

Highland Park Animal Hospital’s prior IT company set a shallow bar for service quality in the IT industry. They managed to be far more expensive than the competition and deliver a much lower quality of service.

The Highland Park Animal Hospital team found that IT company’s staff lacked the skills and knowledge needed to do their jobs effectively. Rather than assessing IT issues and determining actionable solutions, they frequently recommend that Highland Park Animal Hospital pay to replace the hardware or software in question. In one instance, they tried to get Highland Park Animal Hospital to replace a printer that was only a few weeks old.

This was emblematic of the IT company’s entire approach to business. By observing how they conducted themselves, it was easy to see that they invested much more time and energy in marketing their business and chasing sales than they did in hiring competent staff members, developing their skills, and establishing service quality standards. In short, they put themselves before their clients.

This was made worse for Highland Park Animal Hospital because the IT company was costly to work with. As in any business relationship, a key downside to look out for is the possibility of hidden fees. The wrong IT company will nickel and dime you for onsite visits and other specific services if you’re not careful.

The fact is that any IT company worth working with will provide transparent pricing. They will not send unauthorized invoices or statements.

In your contract, it will state your monthly charges. It will also list what is and is not covered. That billing lets you plan your expenditures to ensure they account for essential services.

An IT company's fees can be an issue if:

  • They send unexpected bills, such as charges for services beyond your arrangement.
  • You received an invoice for services not performed or authorized.

That was the case with Highland Park Animal Hospital’s previous IT company. Anytime they needed support, it cost them extra on top of their monthly fees.

“Other than phone calls, everything was billable,” says Joel Gajewski, Director of Operations at Highland Park Animal Hospital.

This is why Joel and the Highland Park Animal Hospital began looking for an IT company with consistent and reasonable billing practices. This soon led them to Velocity IT…

Why Did Highland Park Animal Hospital Switch To Velocity IT?

Joel and the Highland Park Animal Hospital team carefully researched and selected a new IT company. They wanted to know the full cost of proper IT management upfront.

Fortunately for Highland Park Animal Hospital, this is precisely how we conduct ourselves with clients.

“Velocity IT is less expensive," says Joel. "The monthly fees we pay them are much less than we did before."

Highland Park Animal Hospital first came to us through a referral from another business contact. After meeting with our team and learning about our pricing model and the way we approach support, they soon signed on to have us manage their IT needs entirely.

“Anytime I call it usually gets resolved very quickly," says Joel. "There have been no issues. It’s all positive feedback from us."

We Fixed A Technology Problem That Stumped The Vendor

One of the critical issues Highland Park Animal Hospital was struggling with was a problem with its security cameras. They had an ongoing issue that didn’t appear to have a simple solution.

Security cameras are incredibly important. Video surveillance remains an undeniably effective way to promote a safe work environment for a company’s staff and secure business for clients.

With a functioning video surveillance system, employees and clients can be confident that they’re safe while at the place of business.

Furthermore, in the event of a theft, the video surveillance system will give the owner a lot to offer law enforcement in finding the perpetrator and bringing them to justice. Clear footage stored safely on a hard drive and easily navigable by date makes follow-up as simple as can be.

Unfortunately, Highland Park Animal Hospital’s security cameras were not functioning properly. At first, they called in the camera’s vendor company to help solve the issue. A technician from the vendor came onsite and worked for days without being able to solve the problem.

That's when Highland Park Animal Hospital called Velocity IT for help. We sent a technician onsite to address the issue:

  • We examined the cameras and identified the issue
  • We reset the system
  • We ordered the necessary replacement cameras

Within a few hours, our technician resolved the issue for good.

“They sent their guy here for multiple days, and he wasn’t able to fit it," says Joel. "Velocity IT came in and was able to fix it in a few hours."

Highland Park Animal Hospital Is Confident In Its Future With Velocity IT

Since partnering with Velocity IT, Highland Park Animal Hospital has enjoyed seamless and effective support for its entire organization. With our help, Joel and the Highland Park Animal Hospital staff can more easily do their jobs.

“It’s pretty amazing—Velocity IT has helped with everything," says Joel.

That’s what the Highland Park Animal Hospital team wants from their IT. They want to be confident it will work as expected, day in and day out. It needs to be responsive and reliable—and with Velocity IT’s help, that’s what they get.

Kenny Riley

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