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Explore Dallas's top industries and discover how Velocity IT drives technological prowess with unmatched IT services across 26 towns in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Your guide to unparalleled growth and achievements in the digital age.
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A Comprehensive Exploration of Dallas's Top 5 Industries and the Crucial Role of Managed IT Services

Dallas, Texas, the beacon of technological and economic prowess, has long been recognized for its diversified industries. These sectors drive the local economy and make a significant mark on the national scene. In this discourse, we delve into the top 5 industries that underpin Dallas's economic landscape and shed light on how managed IT services, especially those rendered by Velocity IT, are bolstering their growth trajectory.

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Information Technology (IT)

The IT sector in Dallas has historical underpinnings, harking back to stalwarts like Texas Instruments and EDS. The city is home to industry titans such as AT&T and Verizon, injecting an impressive $25 billion annually into the economy and employing over 112,000 professionals.

These IT mammoths' work revolves around deploying the latest technology, ranging from intricate network support to intricate computer programming. Velocity IT is an instrumental ally for such enterprises, expertly handling a broad spectrum of IT needs. This partnership ensures these IT behemoths can divert their energies toward core operations, maintaining their competitive edge.

Finance and Insurance

Iconic entities like American Airlines Credit Union and Comerica Bank grace Dallas's financial skyline. Their annual contribution is a remarkable $26 billion, providing lucrative employment to over 87,000 individuals. This industry is the bedrock for capital management and investment, ensuring businesses and individuals remain financially secure.

The expertise of a managed service provider like Velocity IT becomes indispensable here. They weave in resilient network solutions, forming a bastion that shields sensitive financial information. Furthermore, they adeptly guide businesses through regulatory compliances, ensuring seamless operations.


Dallas is the proud base for manufacturing behemoths like Toyota Motor North America and Frito-Lay. This sector pours over $10 billion into the city's economy annually and is the employment hub for over 40,000 individuals.

With Velocity IT at the helm, this sector is poised for transformative growth. Offering unparalleled expertise in supply chain management and technical support, Velocity IT ensures the manufacturing process is efficient and state-of-the-art.

Real Estate

Brands like CBRE Group Inc. underscore the significance of the real estate sector in Dallas. The industry's contribution? An impressive $8 billion annually. Professionals navigating this sector engage in complex property acquisition, management, and sales.

Velocity IT emerges as the sentinel for such intricate operations, safeguarding critical property and client data. They seamlessly integrate technology solutions that redefine property management processes, ensuring the real estate sector remains at the zenith of its capabilities.

Professional and Technical Services

This industry, exemplified by giants like AT&T Solutions, spans many services, including consultancy, design, marketing, and legal. Annually, it infuses a monumental $12 billion into the Dallas economy, employing nearly 50,000 professionals.

Partnering with Velocity IT offers these businesses a robust network infrastructure that prioritizes data protection. Moreover, Velocity IT’s expertise in cloud computing, data analytics, and cybersecurity ensures businesses are both secure and technologically avant-garde.

Conclusion: Managed IT Services - The Pulse of Dallas's Industrial Landscape and Velocity IT's Unrivaled Offerings

The monumental ascent of Dallas's industries isn’t mere coincidence. Their synergy with top-tier managed IT services has been a cornerstone of their success. And leading the frontlines in providing these indispensable services is none other than Velocity IT.

But Velocity IT isn't just another name in the managed IT service arena. Their expansive services cover a comprehensive spectrum: total IT services, unmatched cybersecurity solutions, modern business telephone services, and intricate data cabling. Their expertise caters not only to the primary industries of Dallas but across many sectors, ensuring every business, irrespective of its size or nature, has the technological backbone to compete and excel.

One of Velocity IT's crowning achievements is their extensive footprint across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. They've entrenched themselves as the go-to IT solution provider in 26 towns and cities, including:

  1. Addison
  2. Allen
  3. Arlington
  4. Bedford
  5. Carrollton
  6. Coppell
  7. Denton
  8. Euless
  9. Flower Mound
  10. Fort Worth
  11. Frisco
  12. Garland
  13. Grapevine
  14. Irving
  15. Lewisville
  16. McKinney
  17. Mesquite
  18. Plano
  19. Richardson
  20. Rockwall
  21. Rowlett
  22. Sachse
  23. Southlake
  24. The Colony
  25. University Park
  26. Wylie

In these regions, Velocity IT has made its mark and become synonymous with top-notch IT solutions. Businesses across these towns and cities regard Velocity IT as an extension of their operational capacities, ensuring they remain technologically updated, secure, and ahead of the curve.

As Dallas's industries continue to evolve and their technological dependencies become more pronounced, the role of managed IT services will only gain prominence. Dallas's industries are set for an era of unparalleled growth and achievements, with a behemoth like Velocity IT catering to their needs.

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