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macOS Monterey Support In Dallas

Apple has upgraded its operating system to the new macOS Monterey, which has a slew of useful features. There are also various changes in the apps, such as Safari, FaceTime, Messages, Photos, and other quality improvements in the performance.

The current version of macOS 12.0.1 went public on October 26. However, they are three other beta versions specifically for developers and two beta versions available for beta testers. In macOS 12.2, you can find SharePlay, a feature existing in iOS, iPadOS, and TVOS.

This blog post rounds up the top favorite MacOS Monterey", a feature you will likely enjoy using most. They are all set to make your work easier and connect seamlessly with your team or friends.

macOS Monterey: New Features For Dallas Businesses

There are several changes to the apps, such as:

FaceTime and SharePlay

SharePlay is a new feature in the latest release that lets you call friends and family and watch a TV show or video together. You can also listen to music or screen share using the FaceTime app. The screen sharing capabilities allow you to share the whole screen or just the app you want others to view. It is ideal for partners working remotely or having a game night with friends.

You can FaceTime with non-iPhone users with this upgrade. You will create a link to join from their Android device or PC using Edge or Chrome browsers. FaceTime also supports spatial audio, where each voice appears to be coming from their location on the screen. The Voice Isolation Microphone helps to reduce background noise for better sounds.

Messages - Shared with You

The messaging app "shared with you feature" allows you to receive content in the relevant apps where it should appear. Therefore, if someone shares a song, you will find it in the Apple Music app listed in the For You Section.

There are also minor changes, such as when someone sends multiple photos, they will appear as a little image collection and not the ordinary bunch of individual photos.

Shortcuts App

Many Apple users know this app from the iPhone and iPad, and it is now available on Mac. It allows you to access all your favorite shortcuts, and it has Mac-specific shortcuts available in the Gallery, and you can customize them.

It is seamless to create new shortcuts using the Next Action Suggestions. You can also convert the Automater app workflows into shortcuts. Shortcuts integrate with macOS Monterey so that you can run them from the menu bar, Finder, Dock, or by using Siri. When you create a shortcut on your iPhone, you will find it on the Mac and vice versa.


The Memories feature in the Photos app has new animation and transition styles and easily integrates with Apple Music to customize songs and its new interface is easy to navigate, with slideshows and new memory types.

You can import photos from another Photos library while also correcting misidentified people in the paper. The "Feature Less" option allows you to see less of a date, holiday, place, or person appearing in a Photo Widget, Featured Photo, and Memories.

Universal Control

This feels like the most helpful upgrade on the macOS Monterey. With Universal Control, users can control all actions off multiple iPads or Macs using a single device. For example, if you own a MacBook Pro and an iPad, you can control the iPad using Mac's keyboard, mouse, and trackpad.

You can drag and drop content, move your cursor from one device to another, and easily set up features for your multiple Apple devices. These features do not require any setup. It works automatically as long as the devices are next to each other.


The Focus on the macOS Monterey is a more customized version of the Do Not Disturb mode. It enables you to avoid unnecessary distractions when you are working by minimizing notifications or any app distractions. When you set "Work" focus mode, you will not receive any notification for a non-related app.

Also, there is a focus mode for other things, such as Sleep and Driving, where you can create custom focus modes. Here, you will choose who may contact you or the apps you want to get alerts from. Once you turn on the Focus Mode on one device, it automatically syncs with another connected device.

Live Text

The new features recognize texts in photos so that you can select, copy, and paste. macOS Monterey allows you to copy and paste the text into another app you may need to use whenever you have a photo receipt.

It works for typed and handwritten text and supports URLs, addresses, phone numbers, and more. You only need to tap on the handwritten phone number, and then you will get a call and text interface. All these occur on-device to ensure you leave no personal information on your Mac device.

Visual Lookup

The new Visual Look Up feature helps you identify landmarks, dog breeds, works of art, and more. You can find it in the Photos app for pictures you take on your device, but it will work for the web and other apps too. Once you have a photo on display, right-click on it and choose the "Look Up" option to let the machine learning show you all the details about it.

Privacy Updates

Apple privacy updates have come when most people are taking a keen interest in their online security. There are new security features in this upgrade for Mail and iCloud to ensure every user remains safe.

The mail protection features allow you to hide your IP addresses so that any email sender will not link it with your online activities or use it to pinpoint your location.

Also, on iCloud+, you will find another feature called Hide My Mail. It helps you generate a unique email address for sharing so that you never have to input your actual address when filling out online forms.

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These upgrades are helpful to keep you secure and make your work easier. Contact us at Velocity IT for any business technology-related questions or looking for a great Dallas IT support company to support your business.


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