Private Cloud Solutions For Dallas Law Firms

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Private Cloud Solutions For Dallas Law Firms

Today, more and more law firms are embracing the cloud to maximize firm performance. An ABA 2019 Legal Technology survey reveals cloud adoption in industry increased to 58% in 2019 from 55% in 2018, with solo and small firms leading the way at around 60% adoption. Modern law firms need comprehensive IT solutions to secure their sensitive data and compete effectively in an increasingly complex marketplace. If you are a law firm in Dallas requiring a sophisticated document storage system with guaranteed security, a private cloud might be better than a public cloud solution. This blog provides key differences between private and public clouds and the benefits of private cloud solutions.

Private Cloud vs Private Cloud

  • Public cloud is cloud computing delivered via the internet and shared by various organizations. This service is typically provided on a pay-per-use model and a multi-tenant environment. This means data for multiple entities will reside on the same physical server. Although this may help cut costs due to economies of scale, a public cloud may not be a perfect fit for a law firm due to various limitations, including security concerns, lack of control, inflexibility, and more.
  • Private cloud or corporate cloud is a cloud solution exclusively offered to one organization. Private clouds provide advantages of cloud computing without the perceived risks of a public cloud. A private cloud service can either be onsite or remotely managed by a third party and accessed over the internet.

What Are the Benefits of Private Cloud for Dallas Law Firms?

Private cloud offers law firms several benefits, including:

Enhanced Security

Law firms are typically concerned about controlling where sensitive data is stored and who has access to it. In the current highly volatile cyber security environment, you need more than basic firewalls to keep hackers at bay. A private cloud solution offers dedicated security infrastructure designed, implemented, and managed by experts with deep knowledge of law firm operations. It, therefore, features a more secure environment for storing sensitive client data than public cloud. With a private cloud solution, you get peace of mind knowing all your sensitive data is saved and managed on servers that no other company has access to.

Managing Cases from Any Location

There is no doubt an on-premise server limits your workforce to a single device to complete tasks. The current competitive environment requires law firms to be agile and flexible. Legal staff must be empowered to handle off-site meetings, court proceedings, and in-transit communication. A private cloud solution allows your team to log in to the workflow anytime and anywhere, increasing productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Minimal Risks of Downtime

Nearly 90% of law firms reveal they have experienced unexpected downtime preventing them from accessing client data, legal templates, documents, and other crucial resources. Downtime is a costly hazard that leads to lost opportunities, damaged reputation, and lost revenues. Private cloud computing offers an effective way to minimize downtime for your firm. A private cloud solution from a reliable vendor comes with experienced IT professionals with deep knowledge of hardware and software. These professionals monitor your servers around the clock and keep resources well updated and managed. This way, tech issues are promptly resolved before they impact your operations.

Data Analytics

Law firms need data analytics that provides greater visibility into crucial business metrics such as their success rates for clients. A busy law firm that churns out many documents can benefit from a cloud-based document management system designed to centrally manage legal templates and track how files are used and stored. This allows teams to retrieve the information they need quickly to complete given tasks within set deadlines.

Backup and Recovery Plan

Law firms often go out of their way to protect confidential client data and firm resources. However, in the event of events beyond your control, such as cyber-attacks, fires, hurricanes, and flooding, sensitive data could be lost or exposed, leading to severe consequences. When it comes to future-proofing your data, private cloud technology offers a level of security beyond the reach of a typical in-house team. Private cloud technology provides dedicated cloud-based backup and recovery that ensures client data crucial data is protected from natural disasters and security breaches. This is an effective way to ensure your firm remains operational should an unexpected event happen.

Better Client-Centered Experience

Today's consumers prefer working with lawyers that offer a seamless digital experience. A 2020 Legal Trends Report reveals law firms leveraging online client portals received 11% more casework than those who don't.

Public cloud models typically lack the side of customer support, meaning users have to deliver a quality service on their own. A private cloud computing solution can help you provide your clients with an online client-centered experience. Cloud helps you keep pace with the demands of the market by enhancing your business agility, so you to make changes to your tech infrastructure as need be. This is an effective way to quickly meet the ever-changing client needs.

Compliance and Flexibility

Although Public cloud solutions are flexible in terms of scalability, typical issues for security and configurations can arise. Consequently, most public cloud providers don't grant the freedom to install an operating system or switch storage solutions. For this reason, experts don't recommend organizations with compliance regulations to use public cloud services. Dallas Law firms can utilize the flexibility of private cloud computing to customize their IT environments and adjust security settings to meet all necessary industry regulatory requirements.

Cut Costs

The cost of acquiring on-premise IT infrastructure, including hardware, servers, and software, takes a big chunk of your law firm budget. Not to mention the costs of storing, maintaining, and running them. Private cloud technology doesn't require you to buy and maintain its infrastructure at all. Private cloud solutions are undeniably more economical than owning and managing in-house servers.

Get Professional Help Today

Private cloud technologies provide law firms with better, more secure, and affordable means to store, manage, access, and share data, software, and services. Contact Velocity IT today if you need a reliable private cloud hosting service to undertake a comprehensive assessment of your law firm, develop a cloud migration plan, and provide seamless migration of your apps and services. Velocity IT works with Dallas law firms to secure the right private cloud solution customized to meet the needs of business operations.

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