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Steps to successfully migrate network

Relocating your network can be a complex and resource-draining process. For this reason, you need a team of dedicated engineers who will make the network migration process successful. For all Dallas businesses, you are privileged to have a team of experts who will help you migrate all your technology, data, and programs, from your old network to a new network. We, the Velocity IT, houses a team of technology experts who will help you relocate your network very effectively.

Velocity IT is dedicated to handling your office relocation from the start point to the end. Because a single mistake during network migration can cost unplanned expenses, insufficiencies, and probably more time, you need to hire resourceful and reliable experts to do it for you. Our primary goal is to see you successfully migrate from a new network to a new network.

For a successful transition, we put into consideration your business or organization’s core objectives. This is because Velocity IT understands that objectives are the determinant of how your network should be structured. Additionally, we engage with you to understand what you exactly want for your network. This is essential in determining the tools to be used in the network relocation process.

What is a successful network migration solutions in Dallas TX?

This is the process of transferring data, programs, and other organizational elements from an old network to a new network successfully. The network migration can either be an effort to start using a new network or extending the current organization’s network with an add-on system. It helps a business uncover unutilized potential and is likely to help the company make updates to cope with the current competitive climate in every industry. With the help of company stakeholders, network migration can help improve network security and make the network cost-effective.

Successful Network migration steps

Independent of what you are relocating to the network, some key steps will guide you to migrate the network successfully. Based on our expertise, Velocity IT employs the following three steps in the network migration approach.

  1. Selecting a network design that is suits your end business goal. 

Velocity IT offers your business or organization an opportunity to work differently by considering how you would like to design your new network. Typically, it includes using independent networks that blend well with how your organization wishes to collaborate—for instance, one independent network per email domain. However, for organizations whose objective is broader cross-company collaboration, an excellent choice would be creating a central network that is accessible by all organization’s domains.

If you have bulky work being done by vendors or other third parties, we advise that you have an external network. Regardless of the network design you opt for, Velocity IT encourages the highest potential network that optimizes productive collaboration for the success of your organization.

  1. Start with fresh content

Judging from the experience our customers have had, most of them do not recommend the technical migration of content. This is because the information tends to have a short lifetime and may not be required for reference in the future. Therefore, when relocating your organization’s network, it is advisable to utilize the opportunity and engage users with a new network powered with fresh content if they can shape the structure by themselves.

  1. Relocating your organization’s behaviors to the new network design. 

It is essential to understand how people were using each of the networks you are relocating from. This can be achieved by working with most influential people - this is not meant for discrimination, in topics and groups to be well informed on target behavior may look like in the network you are migrating to. After settling on target behavior, the same group of stakeholders should help in uploading any new essential materials and establishing that target behavior in the new network. Velocity IT experts will help you create a content archive by exporting necessary data that you may need to use in the future.


We highly recommend that businesses and organization migrating their network to use the above approach. Networks that employed this approach are now enjoying a sustainable collaboration with very little or, ultimately, no end-user disruption. We have worked tirelessly to see organizations relocate from old to new networks by focusing on improving what they work. 

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