Benefits Of Business VoIP for Dallas & Fort Worth Businesses

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Business VoIP Services For Dallas & Fort Worth Organizations

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communication technology used in making and receiving calls via the internet. In short, technology converts sounds into digital packets of data transmitted over internet broadband. Using VoIP makes conversations seamless, and you can talk to people from anywhere as long as the internet is available.

VoIP is also commonly referred to as internet telephony. It has been popular in the past few years, especially for most small and medium-sized businesses in Dallas, TX. Here, we will look at your business's various perks by using our reliable VoIP services at Velocity IT.

VoIP Business Telephone Services

Why You Need Efficient VoIP Services In Dallas & Ft. Worth

At Velocity IT, we offer Business Telephones and VoIP telephone services for clients spread across Dallas & Ft. Worth. We have a range of cloud-hosted business telephone services and VoIP solutions to enable you to transform your business. With our services, we work to achieve various goals such as:

  • Improving productivity and enhanced customer service.
  • Eliminate the need to work with cumbersome phone systems.
  • Maximize flexibility and reduce costs with several advanced calling features.

VoIP solutions are taking the place of traditional landlines and phone systems to match the current fast-paced technological world. It is the best solution for SMBs as it offers high-definition audio to foster better education and improve efficiency. With a reliable managed provider, your business can get the most out of VoIP by getting a secure, reliable, and integrated communication service to boost your overall productivity.

We strive to make our solutions useful and save up to 40% of your monthly office phone bills. The Velocity IT VoIP phone system helps your Dallas business minimize its hardware footprint. Also, you can use a Unified Communications platform to integrate multiple locations seamlessly. You will also receive constant support from our team, who are glad to answer your questions and address all arising issues in real-time.

Business VoIP Telephone Services

Velocity IT provides several business telephone systems with high-end features to ensure your teams never miss any call or an opportunity. Our solutions are budget-friendly and enable you to develop an appropriate disaster recovery option to guarantee constant system uptime. Partner with us to enjoy services like:

Consolidated Phone Systems

Velocity IT VoIP solutions enable your business to consolidate several phone-based services on a single platform. Your team will relish enhanced flexibility using our solutions and let them work from any location. You can get a reliable and customizable phone system to suit your business needs. Therefore, our solutions enable your organizations to:

  • Develop a higher data and infrastructure
  • Eliminate hardware costs
  • Aligns your business systems using a bring-your-device (BYD) policy.
  • Attain automated and centralized reporting.

Enhanced Mobility and Productivity

Your business will use enterprise-grade features at affordable rates by leveraging customized business telephone services. The services allow your employees to maintain their office extensions regardless of their locations, to enjoy enhanced mobility. You can also set up conference calls and web meetings using a click of a button to foster better collaboration within your team. Our solution will enable you to:

  • Have seamless and user-friendly experiences
  • Customized configurations
  • Enjoy smooth integration with all the existing systems

Reliability from Redundancy

Most business teams are prone to making errors due to redundant tasks. At Velocity IT, we will give you peace of mind to reduce redundancy and boost productivity. We have ideal services for different network sizes with a disaster recovery solution to minimize telephone system disruptions. We also have multiple alternative paths to enable call rerouting if the primary systems fail. Our service will ensure:

  • Reduced network interruptions
  • Seamless network operations
  • Resilient proxies to enable 24/7 accessibility

Benefits From Our VoIP Business Telephone Services

Partnering with Velocity IT to maintain your business telephone services and VoIP will help you boost your company productivity and enjoy constantly efficient communication. Our VoIP solutions will enable you to connect and transfer calls seamlessly across multiple locations.

You will also receive voicemails via email to ensure you never miss out on important messages. Our solutions are scalable to add new users to your existing systems without hassle.

Our services have numerous customizable features to tailor our services and meet your business-specific needs. The solutions are effortless to deploy and help you maintain your client phone numbers. You can also reach out to our team 24/7 whenever your systems experience downtime. The all-in-one solution includes file sharing, chat, and video conferencing. These enable your teams to work anywhere with free mobile and desktop apps.

Leverage the numerous things that come with our business telephone services, including:

1.      Decreased Cost

One of the top perks for using VoIP is cost savings. Businesses that require making long phone calls regularly will need several phone lines, which will add costs quickly.

VoIP allows you to modify communication data into data packets that transmit over an IP network, eliminating the need to use two callers simultaneously. The IP network can be a direct IP connection to your company phone service provider or an existing internet connection.

Traditional phone lines usually charge for call time in minutes, while VoIP covers costs on monthly charges from your ISP. Furthermore, you can find several inexpensive options from providers and offer free calling services with discounts.

Another cost-effective benefit of VoIP is the limitations of costs associated with purchasing hardware or software typical for traditional phone systems.

At Velocity IT, we ensure our clients always have the most up-to-date software and the current hardware to ensure their business is at par with industry trends. Such services eliminate the need for your business to purchase in-house phones and infrastructure, resulting in extra cost savings.

2.      Simplified Conferencing and Advanced Features

When you operate without dedicated phone lines, you will experience simplified conferencing. VoIP phone services offer more than just desk systems to communicate with. When you work with us, you will enjoy various additional features to take your business communication to the next level. Some of the top advanced features you can expect from your VoIP telephony systems include:

  • Video conferencing: Our VoIP system comes with a video calling application. It allows you to meet with customers and colleagues seamlessly for online meetings. We live in an era where strict in-person meetings make video conferencing an invaluable tool. It's something most traditional phone systems do not offer.
  • Conference calls: With this feature, you can enable communication between more than two callers. You can have participants engaging on a call from anywhere globally to promote teamwork and collaboration among employees.
  • Call queues: You can manage your inbound calls effectively using call queues. With this feature, you can automate the distribution of calls to allow the right employees to handle calls. Most businesses use call queues to reduce customer wait time and offer an excellent customer experience.
  • Call analytics: Tracking, collecting, and analyzing customer data is essential to modern business. Call analytics informs your business on how effective your employees are and how to optimize training to boost your productivity. VoIP allows you to make accurate analytics to inform better decisions.
  • Integrations: You can integrate our VoIP tools with several third-party tools to maximize its benefits. If your phone system can seamlessly integrate with other business-critical tools, you can ultimately save you time and money in the long run. For example, you can integrate your phone systems with CRM to enable your employees to access your existing customer data and personalize their services to suit their needs.

3.      International Presence

Companies are now leveraging the benefits of having some of their staff working from home in exchange for small office spaces, decreased utility costs, and more. In the real sense, they are discovering the benefits of VoIP to allow employees to telecommute effectively. With VoIP, your employees will work remotely using voice, data services, and your office fax via the intranet.

VoIP technology is extremely portable. Users can connect from home offices or abroad. Additionally, you can integrate various systems, including your employees' numbers, into their home office when they want to make changes. With the spread of the pandemic or business budget, it is likely to for their international clients anytime soon. VoIP software will help boost your global presence.

Another benefit of using VoIP is that the entire service is highly mobile. Traditionally, the typical phone systems need a unique number for every line, and transferring those lines is challenging. Still, VoIP is different. When building your current office, you won't need to change locations, and you can move your VoIP systems.

Partner With Velocity IT For Your VoIP Business Telephone Services

It would be best to use VoIP to empower your employees to work from anywhere. Instead of investing in a new satellite office or paying for rent and utilities, telecommuting employees can easily access data and collaborate effectively with their colleagues.

We offer VoIP telephone systems that operate with existing networks, making it far less expensive to enjoy the fast collaboration between employees and customers.

At Velocity IT, we ensure every company receives unbiased recommendations tailored to suit their needs and customer demands. Partner with us today to get out our best-in-class business telephone to enhance your business operations. Contact us today to learn more.

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