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Dallas Property Management Firm Calls On Velocity IT For Basic IT Services

IT companies are a dime a dozen, and finding the best is like finding a needle in a haystack. Each IT company says it's the best, but the best is relative. As a layperson, how can you navigate the technical complexities and tell which one is the best?

Property managers and construction firms need basic IT services to run their operations efficiently. At Velocity IT, we provide you with the best services for your small or midsize company in the entire Dallas Metroplex.

When the housing industry collapsed, the real estate and construction industries weathered the Great Recession in 2007. Since then, the sector has experienced growth, and in 2008, construction spending in the U.S was facing an all-time high. The COVID-19 pandemic saw the industry take a beating, but things are looking up.

The construction industry in its entirety has adopted new technologies, albeit very slowly. However, tech, property managers, and construction companies are warming up to the idea now that everything is going well.

Dallas Property Management Firm

Our Services

Velocity IT is a top IT company operating in Dallas and Fort Worth. We provide technology and support services needed by small businesses.

We offer expert and personalized services that align with your business needs. We provide you with:

  • A secure and reliable network with 24/7 monitoring all year round.
  • Dedicated and experienced engineers for fast support
  • The opportunity to leave your tech issues to us and focus on your core business
  • Minimal downtimes caused by technical issues
  • A road map that tells you upfront the expenses and technology needed to grow the business

We offer the following services:

1.    Structured Cabling

Most businesses that already have a functioning network may keep encountering network failures. 90% of the time, this issue is caused by poor-quality cabling. When you install new structured cabling systems, it solves most of your network downtime. The structured cabling system is only a small percentage of the network investment.

Structured cabling is a technology comprising of various transmission items that help you to use data, voice, and signals in a way that maximizes the rate of data. This system takes care of your data and telephone communication.

This cabling offers a structured tactic and provides a media network system controlling all data traffic such as video, data, voice, etc. It involves fixing Wi-Fi extenders and connecting scanners and printers, etc.

Structured cabling divides the entire infrastructure into manageable blocks. The system then tries to connect the blocks to produce excellent cabling systems.

Our professionals are BICSI-certified and can help you complete your cabling system subject to TIA/EIA standards to stay on the right side of the law.

At Velocity IT, we offer:

Installation of Structured Cabling

Whether it is a new office or an upgrade, we can install:

  • Fiber optics with Wi-Fi Access points
  • Efficient data and voice wiring
  • Easy to read labeling

Security systems

The Velocity team has the technical expertise to secure your systems. We install cameras and implement access control. We connect your security solutions to your entire premises. We also provide:

  • Centralized access to features across multiple locations
  • Reliable security solutions
  • Customized solutions

Cyber-Security Services

The Velocity IT Cybersecurity solutions help you with prompt detection, protection, and response to any security breaches. All businesses must protect their clients' information and the company's complete safety.

Ransomware and hacking threaten many companies, and criminals may use AI (artificial intelligence) and affiliate networks to carry out their criminal activities. Security solutions can protect companies' systems against cyber-risks, but these solutions don't compete against the constantly evolving cyber-risks without support and maintenance.

Our system analysts regularly appraise your system to ensure nothing gets through the security walls to steal data. We charge a budget-friendly flat fee per month, and our engineers provide you with expert advice on the security level you should install. We provide excellent solutions that bridge any gaps that cybercriminals might exploit.

We use different tools such as email encryption and spam filters to allow you and your staff to communicate more securely.

Managed IT Services

If you experience frequent application failures and downtimes, they might negatively affect your business by hindering its growth. Managed IT services allow you to stop worrying about data loss, cyber-security issues, etc. Our tech professionals help you by maintaining continuous operations.

A managed IT provider like Velocity IT ensures your business minimizes any downtimes and business interruptions. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain innovativeness in the current digital world. The high cost of technology infrastructure stands in the way of many companies' growth. These issues need managed IT services to minimize expenses.

Data Recovery and Backup

Do you worry about your data due to sabotage, natural disasters, or deletion (willful and accidental)? Velocity IT can help you formulate backup and recovery strategies. We have been in operation for over one decade, and we understand the needs of companies. Our engineers use advanced backup systems to ensure you never lose a single file. The Velocity IT backup and disaster recovery strategy allows you to enjoy:

  • Few downtimes
  • Dependable data protection system, excellent maintenance, and monitoring
  • Immediate data recovery
  • Tog-grade encryption
  • Application, operating, virtual, and physical systems protection
  • Off and on-site backup and recovery

Security and Access Control

Every business should have adequate access control and security. When you need to control access by your employees or guests or protect yourself against information theft, you need to enhance your safety and access control.

Velocity IT has various network IT strategies that ensure you control who accesses data or where the staff accesses it from. We offer complex control systems with sophisticated authentication components restricting access to sensitive data, rooms, or buildings.

Our team of experts installs the appropriate systems in your company, and our access control strategy provides you with:

  • Monitoring employees, especially shift workers
  • Allow locational access to select personnel
  • Secure files against malware
  • Provision of keyless door operation

Removal of Ransomware

Cyber-criminals love ransomware as it makes them a lot of money. Ransomware threatens all types of businesses. Cyber-criminals love targeting small companies because the cost of security might be out of reach for most.

However, most small companies that experience ransomware shut down within twelve months. Ransomware interrupts your business continuity, damages your company's reputation, and bankrupts you from lawsuits by clients.

The IT company you choose allows you to get the best solutions. This IT partner has to be on call for emergencies. An IT company like Velocity IT has valuable knowledge of ransomware and can help you navigate an attack while preventing more damage.

Outsourced IT Administrator

IT administrators may sometimes lack the time, skills, or resources to handle specialized IT tasks. At such a time, you need to hire a company like Velocity IT to provide you with managed services and IT support.

We customize our solutions to meet your needs and allow you to leverage the latest technology trends. Our Network Administrators avail themselves 24/7 for on-site and remote support. We respond to your requests as fast as possible and ensure everything happens on time to prevent downtimes.

When you outsource your IT, you minimize interruptions and risks while increasing your efficiency. Some of the reasons you should outsource:

Skill Gaps

When you identify a skill gap in your in-house IT team, you need to outsource to experts. The IT experts you outsource to bridge the gap until your company can hire more people full-time.


When you have a project deadline, you must work fast to meet the deadline. If your company is short of expertise and capacity, consider outsourcing.

Mismatched Skill Sets

If your in-house IT team does not have the right skill sets or their skills need some updating, you need to outsource to more qualified people. Outsourcing ensures you increase your versatility, cut costs, and stay on top of your game.

Specialized Professionals Needed

If your project needs specialized skills such as cloud computing and AI, you must outsource to a company with the right specialists. Hiring new specialists leads to more costs for the company, especially if you don't need a full-time employee.

Office Relocation Services

Moving offices is hectic. You have to deal with the disassembly and assembly of your IT equipment. If done wrong, you could lose data or damage equipment in the moving process. You need experts to help you reassemble your delicate devices and IT technology.

Planning a move and executing it is a complex process. It can take days to move, which means disruption of business continuity. Most often, the damage to documents and gadgets may be irreparable. This is where you hire us to make your work easier. We ensure all your devices and IT systems get to the new office in one piece and help you reassemble everything back to its place.

Magical Data & Network Services For Dallas Property Management Firms

We make lives easier. Velocity hires only the best IT experts, and we stand out for our professionalism. Velocity IT has operated in the IT industry for over ten years, and our priority is our clients. Contact us by filling out the form below to book a free consultation with us. A Client Representative will contact you within 24 hours or sooner.

We make your data magic!

Kenny Riley

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

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