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How to Find the Best Fortinet Support in Dallas

The Fortinet security fabric manages the entire network architecture, so organizations can operate without compromising on security. The Internet of Things (IoT) has expanded the network perimeters for many corporations.

Unlike before, when the sole focus was on its private network, businesses have to contend with protecting users on home networks, customers on multiple devices, and services on the cloud. Such challenges call for a fresh approach to managing your network security and VelocityIT's Fortinet's support in Dallas is one of your best options.

Common Challenges with Network Security

From our experience, we've gathered some ‌challenges that would warrant switching to the Fortinet fabric.

  • Complexity - It is hard to enforce security consistently when your network infrastructure spreads across multiple environments and relies on different applications. For instance, you might have a service providing safeguards for remote users and another supporting your internal applications. You might also need another app to address cybersecurity issues on the cloud. How do you implement the same standards across multiple device platforms?
  • Measurement - What can't be measured can't be controlled. One of the biggest threats to effective network security is the lack of consistent metrics to manage performance across applications. The problem is solved using a single management dashboard, complete with monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Manual operations - Manual interventions to network security issues are prone to outages caused by human errors. Automation helps to optimize availability by removing human intervention from routine work, like configuring updates and managing compliance. To complement the network admin's work and address the skills gap in small businesses, Fortinet's FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer will be a good fit.

Essential Tools and Features of the Fortinet Security Fabric

The most basic protection that any organization should have is a firewall. However, a fully secured business relies on a wide number of technologies and applications. Here are some of the core features of the Fortinet Security fabric:

Security firewalls

The earliest firewalls only did one thing–filter and block what goes in or out of the network. As technology improved and networks expanded, firewalls moved from simple protocols to advanced features like inspecting applications and gathering threat intelligence from external sources. Today's next-generation firewalls (NGFW) can distinguish between safe and potentially dangerous applications and block them from the network.

Secure web gateways

The internet allows interconnectivity between devices, opening avenues for malicious attacks on the organization. For instance, hackers posing as customers accessing your web servers could access critical resources on your network. Employees connecting to external web servers from your network potentially expose you to malware. A secure web gateway serves as a stopgap measure against unwanted traffic. Advanced gateways can be configured to filter sensitive data and prevent it from being transmitted to the network.

Cloud security

As of 2021, over $300 Million worth of applications ran on the cloud. As cloud technologies rely heavily on high availability, administrators need to ensure that services hosted on the cloud remain secure to avoid preventable downtimes and loss of revenue.


Many organizations have adopted software-defined networks. SD networking allows software applications to communicate and manage the traffic and infrastructure on a network using programming interfaces (APIs). SDN grants an organization better control over its network, giving more visibility to resources and greater flexibility to manage infrastructure.

SSL inspection

SSL certificates offer an excellent solution for enforcing internet security. Single socket layers provide a secure channel where web servers use encryption to transmit information. However, it's usually not enough, because hackers can hide malicious software using SSL encryption. Implementing SSL inspection allows you to spot such tactics and block them from the system.


Virtual private networks create a secure connection where users can access their internal resources. It hides routes data from your servers to a private terminal, so it's not seen as coming from your devices. Coupled with strong encryption, VPNs deliver a more secure platform for teleworking by allowing consistent security.

Improved security on scale

Conventional security systems have a hard time keeping pace in the race for high-performance computing environments. When they scale their operations, organizations struggle to balance the need to provide fast performances for users or slow their networks to check for security breaches. Fortinet's network processors allow businesses to deliver exceptional performance at a hyper-scale.

Next Steps - Issues to Consider When Choosing Fortinet Support in Dallas

Small businesses and large businesses have the same goals for network security. Both need robust systems that protect their computing environments without sacrificing operational efficiency.


Efficiency is driving the current technological revolution. From 5G wireless networks to high-performance data centers, many organizations are exploring how to maximize their returns using high-speed service delivery. It raises the need for network security to deliver matching speeds to satisfy user demands. Businesses that stick to traditional security systems in such environments ‌suffer massive reputation losses.


Complex networks are not exclusive to big corporations anymore. Smaller organizations can exploit the benefits of distributed networks to support a growing remote workforce and provide client services at scale. For example, a company can host its online store on multiple servers across the globe to provide a smooth shopping experience. A unified monitoring and management interface with simple controls would make it easy to run the business.


The number of sophisticated cyber-attacks has increased over the last few years. AI-enhanced malware, for instance, is one of the newest threats facing US businesses. Modern security systems can provide defenses against previously unknown threats by gathering intelligence from external sources.


Lack of visibility is one of the biggest threats to network security. Remote working and business expansion is leading network infrastructure expansion across all industries, a move which causes the organization to lose a tight grip on their systems. A good network security solution should provide better control and visibility of your services, regardless of location.

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