How Long Do Laptops Last?

How long does the average business laptop last? Velocity IT, your Dallas IT company shares insights into the average laptop life.
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How Long Do Laptops Last?

Laptops have become a popular technology for both individuals and businesses, and for good reasons. Unlike desktop computers, they are portable and flexible - you can use them for work, communication, gaming, leisure, and more. But how long does a laptop really last? Research indicates that an average laptop that costs under $700 can last between 2-4 years, while premium models that cost between $700-1000 last up to 5 years. Those over $1,000 could last up to 7 years or more.

How Long Do Laptops Last?

The Average Laptop Lasts About 3 Years

Many people believe that laptops last for a minimum of 3-5 years before they require replacement. Besides, most laptop manufacturers often suggest a 3-5 years' time frame for their warranty period. However, laptops are not built with fixed obsolescence. Typically, all computing devices operate for a short period by design. So, using a five-year-old laptop may put you and your company at a huge security risk.

Although the average laptop lasts approximately three years, business-use laptops only last just about two years and up to five years for top brands. Most mainstream manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and Toshiba include a three-year limited warranty for their laptops. However, the warranty doesn't predict exactly how long your device will survive.

Factors that Affect the Longevity of Laptops

There are a few reasons why laptops don't last as long as you would expect. They include:

The arrival of New Laptop Models

Many businesses buy laptops from companies that have begun manufacturing newer models, meaning that the older models will be phased out sooner and won't receive further software updates. Always ensure you buy the latest laptop models if you want them to last longer.

User Habits

Laptop lifespans tend to be shorter than you'd anticipate due to user behaviors. To accurately determine how long your laptop will last, consider how well you'll take care of it. For example, the period you spend on a laptop each day will significantly impact its longevity. Additionally, if you eat or drink near it, crumbs can penetrate beneath the keys, or liquids could spill onto the keyboard and cause malfunctions.

Downloading several applications can also fill up the memory space and pose security threats. Furthermore, if a laptop is used most of each day without allowing it to cool down or rest, it will undoubtedly break down faster than one only used occasionally.

Signs Your Laptop is On the Way Out

Some people often hold on to a laptop for dear life as long as it's working. However, there are common signs that a laptop has reached the end of its life. Here are some signs that it's time to replace business laptops or a whole suite of office machines as a business owner.

Compatibility Problems

If you want to replace or upgrade certain components of your laptop and run into compatibility issues, it could be time to buy a new model. It could be as simple as upgrading your RAM or transitioning to a solid-state drive.

You might also find that your laptop's hardware is incompatible with various software solutions, such as software versions or operating system security. Always check Windows and Mac compatibility to ensure the laptops you're using are eligible for updates.

Loud Fan

One of the first signs that your laptop is past its prime times is the loud noise of its fan. This should be even more concerning if you don't run any intensive computing or software while it's happening.

Weird Behavior

If your laptop is regularly crashing, resetting, flashing the screen, or hanging when you try multitasking, it could be a sign it's due for replacement. Such issues often occur when you're switching between windows or applications. It could be due to insufficient memory or using a repurposed laptop for more hardware-intensive uses.

Slow Speeds

Over time, your computer will likely begin to slow down. It might take longer than usual to start up, shut down, load web pages, or open applications. This happens mostly if you're running the most current operating system on an older laptop. Since laptops often slow down gradually without catching your attention, it's best to run a speed test every six months.

Battery Life and Longevity

You want to make sure your laptop lasts as long as possible. But your battery life is also a very vital factor to consider when you're making a purchase. In general, laptop battery life will begin to reduce after 1 or 2 years of use. This translates to around 500 charge cycles. It's therefore helpful to charge your device less often or let it entirely run out before you charge it again.

Moreover, different programs you run on your laptop will drain the battery life differently. But that doesn't mean you should change the way you utilize your laptop to prolong the battery life. You can always replace your laptop battery once it begins to drain off too quickly and become inconvenient.

Here are some tips you can easily implement to prolong the life of your laptop's battery:

  • Minimize the brightness level on your laptop screen. Besides saving battery life, it helps protect your eyes from harmful glare.
  • Configure the screen time-out metric from five minutes down to one minute.
  • Cut down on browser tabs!
  • Limit the number of applications or programs you have open simultaneously.
  • Use a cooling mat to reduce the chance of overheating.
  • Skip the Wi-Fi if you don't use it
  • Ensure you unplug your laptop once it's fully charged
  • Use your headphones instead of laptop speakers.

Note that some laptop models don't offer replaceable batteries, so ensure to look into this when purchasing a laptop. And since battery life is often among the first things to deplete when a laptop is dying, getting a model with a replaceable battery can help you sidestep this problem.

Get Help Securing Long-lasting Laptops

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