IT Services For Restaurants In Dallas & Fort Worth

Reliable IT Services For Restaurants In Dallas/Fort Worth Information technology streamlines nearly every aspect of restaurant operations, from managing reservations, cashless payments, automated customer service, cloud-based databases to facilitating communication between restaurant servers and chefs in the kitchen. With over 10 years of experience working in the industry, Velocity IT has the restaurant IT solutions...
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Reliable IT Services For Restaurants In Dallas/Fort Worth

Information technology streamlines nearly every aspect of restaurant operations, from managing reservations, cashless payments, automated customer service, cloud-based databases to facilitating communication between restaurant servers and chefs in the kitchen.

With over 10 years of experience working in the industry, Velocity IT has the restaurant IT solutions needed to help your business increase operational efficiency, ensure technology uptime, and optimize customer experience. We understand the tech challenges you face in your day-to-day operations and how the cost of outsourced IT support is of serious concern to you. That's why we offer you comprehensive IT solutions at an affordable, flat-rate monthly pricing.

Choose from our range of IT services to find appropriate solutions for your Dallas/Fort Worth restaurant.

IT Services For Restaurants In Dallas and Fort Worth

Restaurant Managed IT Services

Network downtime is a big problem in any industry. But in the restaurant business, unavailable or a faulty network presents a host of issues ranging from cashiers having to wait to ring up customers to mobile orders not being able to be placed. This disrupts your restaurant operations, resulting in lower sales and profits, reduced employee productivity, and very frustrated customers.

At Velocity IT, we take the worry out of IT for you by focusing on optimizing your operational technology for you – giving you the freedom to devote your attention to the complete satisfaction of your customers. Our managed IT services are customized to best suit your restaurant's unique needs at fixed monthly rates that help you maintain a predictable IT budget.

We provide comprehensive managed IT services ranging from 24/7 monitoring, cybersecurity services, innovative cloud solutions, and proactive support that ensures that you experience minimal disruptions and downtime. We also provide backup and disaster recovery solutions and high-quality security & access control mechanisms that guarantee the safety of your data and help you restore operations in real-time, minimizing downtime in the process.

POS Systems Support

Your restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) system serves as the heart of your operations, so you deserve a platform that works in every situation. POS systems transform how you take payments and manage sales and can be a game-changer for your business. Our POS systems combine payment processing, inventory and customer management, payroll and accounting, and other services into a robust hardware and software package. We have POS systems that can accept most payment methods used today, including debit cards, credit cards, EBT, and gift cards.

With Velocity IT POS systems, you can:

  • Empower your staff and watch your speed of service get faster
  • Make changes on the fly with cloud-based access
  • Create exceptional guest experiences
  • Get the transparency needed to protect your margins

Whether you need something affordable, comprehensive, or simple, we have the best POS systems for your restaurant.

PCI Compliance

While food and ambiance are crucial ingredients to a fantastic guest experience, security is another vital factor for any restaurant — your customers want to know that they're safe in your establishment and don't face any financial risk by dining with you.

PCI compliance or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a security standard that applies to any business that processes, stores, or transmits credit cardholder information. Adhering to PCI compliance protects your customers and significantly reduces your risk of expensive penalties and fines that can result from a security breach. You can simplify compliance with Velocity IT PCI compliance services and acquire the tools you need to assess, track and document your compliance status.

Guest WiFi Systems

In this day and age, your customers expect to be able to connect to a secure and reliable WiFi service while dining in your restaurant. Offering reliable guest WiFi could open you up to new customers throughout the day and ensure that your restaurant benefits from more repeat visits from your hard-won patrons.

Velocity IT will ensure that you have the best, most hassle-free guest WiFi solution for your restaurant. Your patrons will feel happy and connected, and your team will no longer have to deal with WiFi issues, freeing them up to provide excellent customer service. Our fully compliant restaurant guest WiFi solutions will provide you with extensive controls, simple login options, robust content filtering, as well as social media integration.

Our guest WiFi solutions can also bolster your marketing efforts. When visitors connect to your restaurant WiFi, they log in with their email address or social media profile. This allows you to unearth important information about your guests, such as how often they visit your restaurant. From that, you'll be able to entice them back with targeted marketing activities.

Telephone Services

Enhance your daily business operations with our integrated telephone services and VoIP systems in Dallas/Fort Worth. Partnering with Velocity IT for your restaurant telephone services can boost employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more revenue with efficient communication.

Our VoIP solutions have high-end features that allow you to connect and transfer calls seamlessly, maintain client phone numbers, and opt to receive your voicemails via email, ensuring that you don't miss out on important information. Our scalable solutions let you add new users to your existing systems with ease, provide enhanced security to protect client and employee data, offer actionable insights, and provide significant cost savings and a predictable monthly budget.

Cloud Environments

Leveraging cloud potential can save you money while giving you more flexibility and mobility. At Velocity IT, we can host and manage your cloud environments allowing you to access your data anytime and help you drive growth while minimizing costs. We specialize in managing the industry's most popular cloud service providers like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

If you're tired of constant downtimes and loss in productivity caused by old hardware or buggy software systems, our experienced cloud migration specialists can help you move your restaurant applications to the cloud with ease. Moving to the cloud eliminates the need for capital-intensive investment in expensive hardware or software systems and can minimize downtime, boost staff productivity and ensure 24/7 connectivity from any device. Our cloud solutions include cloud storage, disaster recovery and business continuity, and cloud security.

Website Security and Management

Restaurants are prime targets for cyber thieves because of the large customer bases and widespread use of credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty programs. According to the National Restaurant Association, the average cost of a restaurant security breach is $75,000. Of those that experience a breach, 50% will go out of business within one year. That's why working with an information technology service provider like Velocity IT is vital.

Velocity IT website security and management services provide a proactive and integrated approach to security. Our expert cybersecurity experts can help you set up a multi-layered security defense to help you protect your restaurant from malicious elements.

We will assess risk (including from third-parties), and determine and inventory what needs to be protected, test and patch your vulnerabilities, defend in real-time against advanced threats, from targeted phishing to ransomware to point-of-sale malware, and monitor, uncover, and respond to malicious activity and indicators of compromise, particularly around your endpoints. With our website security solutions and support, you can promptly detect, protect, and respond to security breaches. With a flat monthly fee, the solutions are budget-friendly, and your margin remains intact.

Restaurant IT Services From Velocity IT

Customers today have virtually unlimited options at their fingertips, and to engage them, you need technology that's intuitive and scalable. At Velocity IT, our IT solutions cater to local restaurants of all sizes in Dallas and Fort Worth and can be customized for your unique needs. Our IT solutions can help you provide intuitive, memorable experiences that grow your revenue and earn customer loyalty. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our IT experts and discover how Velocity IT can support your Dallas/Fort Worth restaurant and help improve your restaurant's profitability.

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