Private Cloud Services For Dallas CPA Firms

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Private Cloud Services For Dallas CPA Firms

Firms in all sectors are adopting cloud solutions since they provide more space and enhanced data security compared to physical IT solutions. Accounting is one of the sectors that greatly rely on effective cloud solutions. However, you first need to decide whether you will go for a public or private cloud. What are the advantages offered by each, and which is the better solution? This post outlines all the details you need to make a great choice.

Public vs Private Cloud Solutions

A public cloud is a computing package that is delivered over the internet and shared amongst numerous organizations. A private cloud, on the other hand, is solely dedicated to your company. There is a third type, the hybrid cloud, that uses both public and private cloud options.

Most people go for a public cloud since no initial investment is needed and it has high scalability and flexibility to meet workload demands. It is also more affordable and allows firms to adopt a cost leadership strategy to gain more market share. The public cloud also gives firms complete ownership of their IT infrastructure, allowing them to focus on key business goals. However, a public cloud lacks enough security since many people can access it. Technical and ownership control is also not possible in a public cloud.

Conversely, a private cloud provides more security and has protocols that can be set up to meet the nature of information. Technical control is also possible, and firms can personalize the infrastructure to meet their needs. Firms also get ownership of the cloud, thus gaining ownership control. It also provides efficient performance, scalability, and flexibility for companies. The major drawback of a private cloud is that it is more expensive because of the additional features and personalization.

Like other CPA firms, your company probably handles tons of client financial information, all of which is confidential. Such sensitive information must be protected from unauthorized access unless it is a requirement to share it publicly. This means that you will need assurance that such information and all other sensitive business details will never leak outside your company. A private cloud is the best way to ensure that.

Benefits of private clouds for Dallas CPA firms

Storage and backup solutions

Accounting firms perform bookkeeping activities for many firms. This requires them to collect data over a long period to help measure the financial performance of their clients. Financial documents, such as cash flow statements, balance sheets, and income statements, also necessitate the collection and evaluation of a firm's data. CPA firms thus have huge amounts of data they need to work with.

Even if they try their best to protect the data from damage and loss, disasters such as hurricanes and fires could have serious consequences. Cloud services with enough storage for all your accounting data ensure that your information is always available and ready to be used when you need it.

Costs saving 

The costs needed to set up physical IT offices that offer services such as those that cloud computing offers are relatively high. The software, hardware, and highly sophisticated technology are hard to acquire and expensive. Cloud computing thus provides a cheaper option. Additionally, cloud computing allows you to have online offices, saving the cost of physical spaces. This reduces the operational costs of a company significantly, given the increasing rent rates.


A private cloud ensures that sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access. In a public cloud, hackers with access to the same cloud can maneuver their way into your company's servers. However, in a private cloud, only your organization has access to the information you upload. The company can also set up personalized protocols to ensure only allowed personnel have access to high-profile information.

Great cloud computing service providers also protect your data from cybersecurity threats and monitor your data proactively to remove any vulnerabilities. This helps you to focus on accounting activities without being stressed about the security of your assets.

Responsive systems 

A private cloud only has one organization and is thus faster than a public one. The data centers have a very high and reliable speed. Communication between different users in the company is enhanced and information is shared in real-time. Communication with clients is also faster, increasing the attractiveness of the firm to potential customers.

Personalized systems 

Public clouds are shared by many organizations and thus cannot be personalized to meet the needs of one specific company. CPA firms also typically need highly-specialized systems that can meet their business needs. This is because they normally work with multiple applications and systems to perform complex accounting activities. Working with a private cloud that caters to these needs simplifies the work of the firm and employees.

Moreover, in the case of pandemics such as Covid-19, which caused most workers to start working from home to reduce positivity rates, a private cloud makes sure your accounting operations are still running. This solution thus ensures that your company does not close its doors when the world is unstable.

Furthermore, the post-covid era has seen many firms transform most of their operations from analog to digital to prevent the uncertainty they faced during the pandemic. Having a private cloud that adjusts depending on your business needs leaves you with minimal stress when you need to make any necessary transformations.

Private cloud computing equals better, more seamless business

Private cloud services provide your company with flexible, scalable, more affordable, more secure, and more personalized solutions to meet your specific accounting needs. This helps you to attract top talent in the industry and synch in with your clients who are more attracted to digital services. Cloud computing also helps you to perform business operations and avoid inconveniences such as loss of data because of natural disasters or an indefinite stop to business activities because of pandemics or endemics.

Velocity IT, a Dallas-based IT support company, ensures that you are provided with the best private cloud computing services. Our IT experts have valuable expertise to ensure that your cloud computing services are well set up. We also provide real-time support and monitoring for all of our clients. This ensures that your cloud is always up and running and protected from any security threats. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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