Velocity IT Is BCW Food Products' “One-Stop-Shop” For All Things IT

BCW Food Products is a fourth-generation family business with a Christian-focused culture. Originally started in 1935, BCW Food Products provides custom bakery blends and wholesale ingredients in the baking industry. 
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Velocity IT Is BCW Food Products' “One-Stop-Shop” For All Things IT

BCW Food Products is a fourth-generation family business with a Christian-focused culture. Originally started in 1935, BCW Food Products provides custom bakery blends and wholesale ingredients in the baking industry.

As a busy business with a rich legacy in their industry, BCW Food Products has grown and adapted over its nearly nine decades in operation, a key part of which has been the adoption of IT solutions. Today, they trust Velocity IT to take care of their IT for them.

Before Velocity IT, BCW Food Products Struggled With Limited IT Support

In 2017, when their Director of Operations Shane Collins first started, BCW Food Products had outsourced their IT management to a third party. Unfortunately, even though the IT company seemed to be capable enough to deliver sufficient IT services, they didn’t regularly meet BCW Food Products' needs.

“That service was extremely different from Velocity IT’s, in their sense of urgency, communication, their pricing transparency, and really, their capability,” says Shane Collins, Director of Operations, BCW Food Products. “They really did not do what you would expect of a third-party IT company.”

BCW Food Products' leadership knew that as IT solutions became a more and more integral part of their operations, they would need to find a more capable partner in IT. They recognized that an investment in IT support was an investment in the future of their business.

“We had a number of software solutions being explored, and eventually purchased and employed,” says Shane. “With technology becoming more and more of a necessity, it was evident that we didn’t have what we needed.”

That’s when they decided to partner with Velocity IT.

Velocity IT Delivered The Responsive IT Support BCW Food Products Was Looking For

“I started working with them immediately, and it was night and day,” says Shane. “Our staff learned that if they needed something IT-related, they could just email Velocity IT and they’ll get support.”

It didn’t take long for the BCW Food Products team to see the quality of Velocity IT’s services firsthand. No matter what IT issue arose, they simply had to get in touch with the Velocity IT support team to have it addressed.

“You got an immediate response,” says Shane.

The BCW Food Products staff no longer had to worry about an IT issue eating into their working hours and affecting their productivity. With Velocity IT taking care of them, they are confident that any issue will be resolved in an hour at most.

“Your problem is usually resolved in 30 minutes to an hour,” says Shane. “When it comes to getting things done, Velocity IT is superb.”

Velocity IT Knows How To Communicate With BCW Food Products' Staff

“They’re very courteous, they’re very well mannered,” says Shane. “They’re very good at both verbal and written communication.”

One aspect of Velocity IT’s service that particularly impresses Shane is the way their team communicates. While he is used to IT professionals using tech jargon to talk down to users like him, Velocity IT has a rare talent for communicating directly and accessibly.

“They conduct themselves in a very professional way, and that’s important,” says Shane. “This more traditional sense of professionalism, it’s very valued here.”

Velocity IT Cut BCW Food Products' IT Project Costs In Half

As a part of such a long-standing business, the BCW Food Products staff understands the value of a dollar. While they’ve developed cost-effective processes in their industry that have led to their success, it can be difficult to do the same with IT, if you’re not well-versed in the IT world.

That’s why companies like BCW Food Products need to be able to rely on their IT partners to help them keep costs low. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it works.

For example, at one time, BCW Food Products was researching pricing for an upcoming Wi-Fi project. They received a quote from one firm, and took it to Velocity IT to compare, only to find out that Velocity IT could do the job for them at half the cost.

“We needed a mesh Wi-Fi network installed, and we were partnering with another firm that ended up giving us pricing that was double what Velocity IT was able to do,” says Shane.

It’s situations like these that show how BCW Food Products has come to trust Velocity IT as a true partner in their success. They know they can rely on Velocity IT to offer them the best possible rates for upcoming IT projects, without having to worry about being overcharged.

“We’re now able to funnel all of these projects to Velocity IT, and they’re becoming what you really want, which is a one-stop-shop for your IT needs,” says Shane. “They’re saving us a lot of money.”

Velocity IT’s Extensive IT Expertise Benefits BCW Food Products

The BCW Food Products staff also relies on Velocity IT for their undeniably expert IT advice and support. In one instance, BCW Food Products was looking into a new ERP system, which needed to be customized for their precise business processes.

Unfortunately, before bringing in Velocity IT to consult, BCW Food Products was struggling to get the support they needed from the solution vendor. They knew they needed more detailed support to get the solution customized precisely to their expectations. To their surprise, the Velocity IT team was able to manage the customization for them.

“Velocity IT just jumped in,” says Shane. “They were able to understand the coding, not just the physical infrastructure. They understood the high-level aspects of our needs.”

Velocity IT Assists With BCW Food Products' Continuous Improvement

Historically, BCW Food Products as an organization will hit a point where they’re not sure how to further optimize or improve a given IT-related process, or manage the next upgrade of their infrastructure. This is understandable for an organization of their longevity — as they continue to change and adapt, there will invariably be obstacles to their growth.

This is another way in which Velocity IT helps BCW Food Products. No matter the problem, Velocity IT can find a solution or, at the very least, consult on the issue to help with BCW Food Products' overall business strategy.

“The Velocity IT team can present more efficient or optimized ways of setting up infrastructure or processes to help us with our decision-making,” says Shane.

For example, BCW Food Products had a repeat issue that caused extensive downtime on a regular basis. Whenever a staff member would incorrectly plug in their office phone, it would result in a loopback. Their network would be closed off, their Internet would cut out, and it would bring BCW Food Products' operations to a standstill.

When presented with the issue, the Velocity IT team recommended eliminating the switches and upgrading to dedicated circuits. Just like that, this long-standing issue was resolved for good.

“We did that and we haven’t had a problem with it since,” says Shane. “It was an easy fix, but we wouldn’t have thought of it without Velocity IT.”

BCW Food Products Is Confident In Their Future With Velocity IT

Since partnering with Velocity IT, BCW Food Products has enjoyed seamless and effective support for their entire organization. With Velocity IT’s help, Shane and the BCW Food Products staff can more easily do their jobs.

“I look forward to working with Velocity IT even more,” says Shane.

That’s what Shane and the BCW Food Products team want from their IT. They want to be confident it will work as expected, day in and day out. It needs to be responsive and reliable — and with Velocity IT’s help, that’s what they get.

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