Cloud Migration Services

Dallas businesses rely on us to make cloud migration simple and easy

We’ve been helping businesses migrate to, from, and within public, private, and hybrid clouds for over a decade

Maybe your systems, apps, and databases need operational support, greater security, or re-architecturing. Whatever your reason, successfully transitioning to the cloud is complicated. From vendor selection and compatibility and functionality testing to app installation and data migration, you need experts to eliminate risk, reduce costs, and minimize downtime.

Partnering with Velocity IT means you’ll get best-in-class guidance on choosing the right cloud provider, identifying and creating the appropriate architecture, and seamlessly migrating your system and apps, all based on your needs and goals. With our extensive experience, we know how to minimize costs, risk, and downtime. You’ll be able to immediately leverage improved efficiency and workflow agility for better innovation and operations.

Our cloud migration services guarantee
you get the most out of the cloud with:


Vendor Management

As experts in cloud solutions from leading providers Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS, we’ll help you choose the one that best meets your needs and goal


Cloud Planning

We’ll devise a strategic roadmap detailing how to implement the cloud solutions that take your business where it needs to go


Seamless Execution

We’ll create your custom architecture and migrate your infrastructure, apps, and databases quickly and without disruption


Enhanced Productivity

Enjoy improved collaboration, mobility, and security with the latest cloud versions of all your favorite apps, like Office 365, G Suite, and more


Ongoing Support

Get maximum return on your investment, as we’ll optimize all your cloud computing 24/7/365