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Velocity IT Is a Provider of Reliable IT Network Monitoring Services

  • Do you worry about the performance of your networks?
  • Are you searching for a mechanism through which you can monitor two or more computer networks in different locations?
  • Are you in fear of experiencing network faults that are too complex for your in-house IT team?

You can talk to Velocity IT today. Our company is famous for providing network monitoring as an IT service alongside various other managed IT support services. We partner with organizations around Dallas and offer real-time network insights and solutions. We aim to ensure that your networks keep working optimally. Besides, we will know before your in-house network administrators and instantly provide a solution if a problem arises.

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Network Monitoring
Network Monitoring In Dallas
Absolutely amazing service. I am a small business owner who uses Velocity IT for their hosted pbx service for my phone system! Its amazing, switched from a competitor and will never look back! Kenny, Michelle, and Chad are amazing at what they do! I’ll be a customer for as long as I am in business! Thanks Velocity!
Clay Blount

Why Should You Choose Velocity IT for Your Network Monitoring Needs?

We are a renowned IT company with great expertise and experience in network monitoring. But that aside, our clients trust us because we prioritize optimizing efficiencies, identifying deficiencies, and delivering timely solutions. We monitor your systems, servers, routers, VMs, switches, and firewalls for possible faults and consistent performance. Our network monitoring service is proactive and aims at finding bottlenecks and performance issues at their most initial stages. Thus, we minimize failures and the possibility of downtimes. The benefits of subscribing to our network monitoring plan include:

  • Provision of clear and elaborate visibility into your networks
  • Early identification of network problems
  • More productive use of IT resources
  • Ability to provide solutions to possible network threats
  • Predictable network monitoring costs
  • Early insight and advice on future network infrastructure needs
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Our Services

At Velocity IT, we understand that running and maintaining optimally functioning networks is vital for an organization’s success. Therefore, we provide the following services:
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Network Performance Monitoring

A network loss will inevitably lead to hefty damages or losses for any company that relies on a network for productivity. Our network performance monitoring helps you to identify potential network woes and provide amicable solutions proactively. We base our performance monitoring on network availability, traffic, CPU and memory, WAN performance, as well as errors and discards.

Besides, our performance monitoring process includes monitoring network essentials, automating monitoring intervals, selecting the right protocol, and setting thresholds. Our experts use scalable, automated, user-managed, and real-time tools to perform:

  • Monitoring of network devices
  • Network availability
  • Agent-based monitoring
  • Network activity monitoring
  • Network uptime monitoring
  • Network interface monitoring
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Multi-Site and Remote Network Monitoring

Merging or acquiring new businesses is something that many companies look out for. However, mergers and acquisitions come with various challenges; among them is how to merge and monitor the networks. Velocity IT provides you with an elaborate and reliable plan for monitoring multiple sites remotely if you are in this situation. This service involves:

  • Enterprise monitoring tools
  • Enterprise network monitoring
  • Distributed network monitoring
  • Remote network monitoring
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Network Fault Management

By and large, the objective of network monitoring is to prevent possible network problems. But when a network problem occurs, our team will move with speed to identify and address the problems. We take pride in an advanced fault management system that entails fault identification, fault notification, troubleshooting, and address. The service includes:

  • Network fault monitoring
  • Troubleshooting IT network issues
  • Automating networks

Organizations Around Dallas Trust Velocity IT for Their Network Monitoring Needs

Many small and medium-sized companies and institutions around Dallas trust us for their network monitoring needs. Velocity IT reliably eliminates unexpected costs associated with your network monitoring and related faults. We use customized tools and monitoring protocols to effectively take care of your networks. Our proactive monitoring systems provide instant alerts to mitigate any possible damages that may arise from network loss. Talk to our experts today for more information.
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