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If you have a computer, odds are it's running a Microsoft operating system. If it's connected to the cloud, it may be using Microsoft's cloud services. As of June 2021, Microsoft's Windows operating system ran on 73% of all desktops worldwide, and 22% of companies used its cloud services which grew 50% in the second quarter of 2021. With that many devices using Microsoft products and services, it only makes sense to have access to IT support that specializes in Microsoft solutions.

Velocity IT is your Microsoft support partner in Dallas and Fort Worth.

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Productivity Tools

Whether it's preparing presentations or writing reports, Microsoft 365 has the tools to improve productivity. Add Teams to the mix, and your business has a collaborative environment that makes a distributed workforce operate efficiently and effectively. However, many organizations never take advantage of many features because they are unaware of their potential.

For example, Teams allows private channels to be created under the same umbrella, ensuring that all information remains in one location. Combining Teams with Microsoft 365 enables employees to collaborate using familiar Office applications. Working with Velocity IT's certified professionals means having access to the resources needed to realize the capabilities of Microsoft's productivity tools. With Microsoft's productivity tools, organizations can:

  • Support a distributed workforce
  • Maintain reliable security
  • Leverage Microsoft product integration

Whether companies continue to use on-premise solutions or move to the cloud, Velocity IT has the resources to deliver Microsoft support for productivity tools.

Microsoft Support for Cloud Services

Part of Microsoft's growth in cloud services comes from its Azure platform. Organizations can ensure successful cloud migrations and Azure deployments by using a managed IT provider with Azure expertise. Experienced providers understand what is required and can help plan, manage, deploy, and onboard to an Azure platform.

Velocity IT partners with clients throughout an Azure lifecycle. They start with an assessment to determine needs and evaluate existing infrastructures and processes to determine migration readiness. They assist in implementing best practices to ensure a reliable and secure cloud-based infrastructure.

Managed IT's proactive management and monitoring minimizes the day-to-day operational demands of a cloud-based implementation. With the help of Velocity IT's trained staff, companies can optimize their investment in Azure and enjoy an environment that:

  • Is easy to scale
  • Receives automatic updates
  • Minimizes physical infrastructure costs
  • Enables disaster recovery and data security
  • Complies with industry and government standards

As more companies look to Azure, they should look to trained professionals for assistance and ongoing Microsoft support.

On-Premise Microsoft Support Services

Windows Server is part of the infrastructure for organizations using Microsoft products on-premise, but managing it requires an expertise that not every company has. Whether dealing with password complexities or ensuring updates are deployed, administering Microsoft server products demands practical experience. Only through designing and implementing server solutions can individuals gain the knowledge of how to maximize their potential.

If your Dallas-based business uses the following Microsoft products, Velocity IT has certified engineers to help configure and maintain an on-premise environment:

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Deploying multiple servers only adds to the complexities, which increases the opportunities for vulnerabilities to go unchecked. Working with Velocity IT ensures the delivery of comprehensive Microsoft support.

Microsoft Support for Cybersecurity

Microsoft offers an advanced threat protection solution using Windows and its cloud services. The protection platform includes:

  • Behavioral sensors that collect and process signals from Windows 10
  • Security analytics that leverages Microsoft optics to deliver insights and recommend responses
  • Threat intelligence based on information from Microsoft's network of cybersecurity specialists

These features can identify attackers and generate alerts based on collected sensor data. When properly configured, Microsoft's end-to-end cybersecurity solutions can:

  • Prevent network attacks
  • Stop attacks on unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Prevent access to questionable files and websites
  • Minimize attack surfaces
  • Defend against known and unknown threats

Ensuring that security solutions are configured correctly is essential to establishing a strong security posture.

Strategic IT Planning

Optimizing Microsoft solutions is part of Velocity IT's managed services. They work to develop an integrated strategy that ensures that all components work seamlessly. With Velocity IT, strategic planning involves:

  • Defining business objectives
  • Developing IT policies
  • Implementing a strategic plan
  • Outlining training

Creating a strategic plan that relies on Microsoft products, services, and support can help reduce costs and improve operations.

Infrastructure Design

Designing an infrastructure that supports Microsoft products means understanding the requirements for on-premise and cloud deployments. With a Microsoft-centered infrastructure, businesses can minimize security threats and improve productivity. At Velocity IT, engineers work with customers to design the following:

  • IT communication services
  • Device management
  • Network configurations
  • Security policies
  • Data governance
  • Software management

Without a sound infrastructure designed for performance and security, organizations may fail to achieve their business objectives and receive a return on investment from their Microsoft products.

Digital Transformation

Technology is essential to business success. Without technology, organizations struggle to remain competitive and deliver superior customer experiences. That's why Velocity IT not only focuses on today's needs but also on tomorrow's trends. They work with customers to develop a roadmap for digital transformation. They train in-house IT staff to be more efficient and productive in their use of Microsoft solutions.

Velocity IT's digital consulting services address a company's ability to:

  • The transition from one technology to another
  • Recover from a natural disaster or cyberattack
  • Work with cloud-based solutions
  • Manage data storage
  • Install business applications
  • Oversee cybersecurity policies

By applying their expertise, Velocity IT ensures organizations have the technical resources they need to be successful.  With Velocity IT's comprehensive support for Microsoft products and services, companies are assured of the following:

  • Access to experienced technicians
  • Improved market competitiveness
  • Increased cybersecurity

If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and looking for a Microsoft support company with extensive experience in the management and support of Microsoft products and services, contact us for a consultation.

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